How A lot Did Brendan Fraser Have To Pay His Ex-Spouse In Their Divorce?

In the 1990s, Brendan Fraser was a universally adored actor, making memorable appearances in movies like The Mummy, Now and Then, and Blast From the Past. Sadly, his career declined in the early 2000s and only recently has he opened up about the struggles he faced after losing his mother and the fact that he was sexually assaulted by the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Philip Berk.

In addition to these traumatic events, Fraser also went through a divorce from his wife Afton Smith in the middle of the 2000s. Due to the intensely private nature of their relationship, it is unknown what exactly caused Fraser and Smith to separate. However, it is known that the divorce turned into a contentious financial battle between the two. So how much did the actor have to pay his ex-wife in their divorce?


How Was Brendan Fraser’s Life Before Divorce?

At the time that Brendan Fraser met fellow actor Afton Smith, he was a rising star in Hollywood. The two sparked a relationship shortly after meeting at Winona Ryder’s house in 1993.

By the time the couple exchanged vows in 1998, Fraser was one of the most bankable lead stars in the entertainment industry.

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Smith, on the other hand, had an acting gig in George of the Jungle, which hit the theaters the summer before they got married. It was the first major hit film of the actress. But she chose to end her career with George of the Jungle while Fraser appeared to be at the top of Hollywood.

Fraser then began his journey to fame and money in Hollywood with the 1999 film The Mummy. His reputation as a top action star was established in the film’s two sequels. However, his luck started to change in the early 2000s. At the peak of his successful career, the actor starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in The Mummy Returns.

Fraser sensed Johnson’s star power right away. Despite the former wrestler’s minor role, Johnson was almost as prominent during the press tour after filming was finished. Now, his response to Johnson appears to be a bad sign for two careers that are diverging.

Fraser’s career experienced a serious setback just two years after The Mummy Returns. He made a sexual assault allegation against former Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Philip Berk in 2003.

He eventually asked Berk to apologize. However, standing up to such a significant Hollywood insider backfired.

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As his career cooled, Fraser and his wife Smith filed for divorce in 2007, leading to a final legal separation in 2009. Throughout their nine-year marriage, the couple had three sons.

What caused the once-enchanted pair to crumble was unexpected, leaving admirers perplexed and wondering even more. Fraser was in trouble, but it was only getting started.

How Much Did Brendan Pay His Ex Wife?

Fraser and Smith’s divorce was rather messy. Although initially, they seemed to have ended on good terms, complications between Brendan Fraser and his ex-wife came up a few years after their divorce. The court required the actor to pay Smith $900,000 in alimony as well as a sizable $30,000 a year in child support.

However, he attempted to lower the annual alimony and child support he had initially agreed to pay. Their initial agreement, which specified that they would split custody of their children and Fraser would pay spousal support, was modified over time, but the issues started when he asked to have the spousal support decreased.

The star claimed he couldn’t afford it and at one point that he wasn’t making millions like he did at the height of his fame.

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In response to that, Afton Smith accused him of fraud, claiming that he was withholding information about his net worth.

Fraser clarified that he had not kept anything from her, only that his financial circumstances had altered since they had first agreed upon it. He also mentioned that he had experienced health problems that would make it impossible for him to pay alimony.

While Smith’s allegations went nowhere in the end, they previously agreed in court to modify spousal support in their divorce settlement should Fraser’s income fall below $3 million—a figure that she claims has not been breached. As of 2022, Fraser’s worth is estimated to be $20 million.

Despite obstacles and a challenging divorce nearly derailing a promising career, Fraser seems ready for an exciting comeback on screen. And at this point, Fraser’s child support, at least, is far lower than it used to be; two of his kids were adults as of 2022, with his third son hitting 16.

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