How A lot Youngster Assist Does Marc Anthony Pay For His Six Children?

Marc Anthony has six children, but does he pay child support for all of them – and how much?

Marc Anthony is famous for his music, his marriage to J. Lo, and for being a cool, eclectic guy. But his impressively long career (and impressively high music sales) mean he’s worth millions. In fact, Celebrity Net Worth says it is worth roughly $ 80 million.

This impressive amount begs the question: How much does Marc pay as child benefit for his six children?

Although Marc Anthony’s twins with Jennifer Lopez are his most famous offspring, he has four other children. And to be fair, half of the kids are adults by this point; Max and Emme are the youngest, and Ryan hits big 1-8 in 2021.

But after his high profile relationships with his children’s mothers, fans have to wonder – what was the child benefit bill he got after breaking up with each of them?

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Given that J.Lo is worth at least $ 400 million per celebrity net worth, did Marc have to shell out for the twins when the couple divorced in 2014? Fox News confirmed that Jennifer didn’t ask Marc for a dime. In fact, the couple agreed that “no support for children or spouses was necessary”. That makes sense.

But what about Dayanara Torres, the mother of Marc’s middle group of kids? When her mother filed for divorce from her father in early 2004, Cristian and Ryan were just toddlers. And unlike Marc’s famous ex, Torres’ net worth is only about $ 5 million, says Celebrity Net Worth.

While it’s unclear how much Marc was paying per month when the boys were little, Fox News confirmed that he was paying about $ 27,000 per month in 2014. He also had to pay “$ 12,000 a year for the vacation expenses of Torres and her sons,” the publication said. And these amounts are calculated before considering medical expenses and tuition fees.

In total, Marc Dayanara paid at least $ 28,000 a month for her tween boys for who knows how long. Assuming the amounts over the children’s lives from their parents’ divorce to adulthood are average, Anthony probably spent nearly $ 5.5 million on basic childcare services alone, plus medical and school expenses.

But there are also two older children to consider. Marc’s first two children were with longtime girlfriend, Debbie Rosado, and the children were born in the early 1990s. Rosado, a New York City police officer, received about $ 2,700 a month from Marc in 2000, the New York Post confirmed.

She asked for an increase in Marc’s “voluntary child benefit” – he also voluntarily paid Rosado’s rent and provided her with an SUV.

Marc agreed to their claims in court while both lawyers haggled over documents. There is no mention of the couple’s adoptive son at the time, but Marc clearly paid for that child’s expenses as well; They are still around today.

But the bottom line? Marc Anthony has paid at least $ 7 million in child support plus school fees and medical expenses over the life of his children.

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