Hunter Biden Says He Cannot Keep in mind Intercourse With Ex-Stripper Who Had His Love Little one

president Joe Bidens son Hunter says he doesn’t even remember having sex with the stripper his youngest child had.

Former drug addict Hunter revealed the shocking revelation in his upcoming memoir, Beautiful Things. The book is due out this week and it seems Hunter hasn’t held back much.

In book clippings obtained from outlets, Hunter delves into the scandal that rocked his world before his father became president. Back in 2019, Hunter was sued by a woman named Lunden Roberts for paternity and child support.

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Hunter says he only had a brief relationship with Roberts that he doesn’t even remember. At that time he was still in a relationship with his late brother Beaus widow Hallie.

In the lawsuit, Roberts said her baby was born in August 2018 and she wanted Hunter to provide monthly support. Hunter replied to the suit, denying the child was his and requesting a DNA test. The court ordered him to undergo an examination. The results showed that he was, in fact, the child’s father.

The two argued in court for several months about maintenance and custody. Eventually, Hunter agreed to pay the former stripper a confidential settlement covering support for the child.

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In his book, Hunter described the situation and said he had no recollection of ever being with Lunden. He wrote, “So later in court I would challenge the Arkansas woman who had a baby in 2018, claiming the child was mine. I had no memory of our meeting. I had so little connection with anyone. I was a mess, but a mess that I took responsibility for. ”

Hunter said his drug addiction resulted in sleeping with countless women. He said the women he picked were “barely the dating type”.

He said, “We would meet our immediate needs and little else. I am not proud of it. ”

In the bomb memoir, Hunter describes his past love for crack and alcohol. He is currently sober after years of struggling with substance abuse. His lowest point was pointing guns at his face and chugging bottles of vodka to keep from shaking. It got so bad that Joe had to perform an intervention to get his son into a rehab facility.

Nice things are published on Tuesday.

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