Husband of Ohio lacking mother of four in custody, homicide prices filed

Amber Eichner was last seen around April 14th and her cell phone last rang from a tower in Tennessee. A body believed to be amber has been discovered in southern Toledo.

GENOA, Ohio – TO UPDATE: Amber Eichner’s husband, John Eichner, faces murder charges after a body believed to be Amber’s was found buried in a courtyard in southern Toledo, according to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

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Amber Eichner, a 34-year-old mother of four from Genoa, was missing on April 14 and local, state and federal authorities are looking for her.

Eichner is about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighs about 160 pounds, and has dirty blonde hair and blue-green eyes.

Eichner has full custody of her four girls. Her estranged husband, John Eichner, took the girls to a family member in Tennessee on April 21. On April 23, Eichner’s cell phone rang at 1:45 p.m. in a tower in Cleveland, Tennessee, and on a tower west of Cleveland. Tennessee, at 3:30 p.m.

Amber Eichner’s family said John was also missing. On Tuesday, he was arrested by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and charged with four exposing children and one time tampering with evidence. John Eichner was sent to Ottawa County Jail.

Agents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation were at Amber Eichner’s home on Monday as part of the investigation into her disappearance. Blue lights shone in the residence on Monday evening.

The agents ransacked the house again on Tuesday, looking around the garage. Eichner’s cousin Ericka Seymour tells WTOL 11 that nothing was found during this search.

On Tuesday, Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick said Genoa police had asked the sheriff’s office to open the investigation around 7 p.m. Monday night. This is still an active missing person case, Levorchick said.

The Sheriff’s Department is currently following orders and is working with the Ohio BCI and the FBI.

Possible vehicles Eichner might be driving in are a 2002 Dodge Dakota pickup with a red crew cab with Ohio tags or a 1995 green Chevy Suburban with Tennessee tags 2S1-4H7. The green Suburban bears the name of a boat company on both of the rear side windows. The hood is a different shade of green than the rest of the truck.

If you have information on Eichner’s disappearance, call Chief Matthew Herrig or Sgt. Mocniak at the Genoa Police Department at 419-855-7717.


Ericka Seymour, Eichner’s cousin and Brittiany Stiles, Eichner’s sister, say she has never run away.

“We want answers, we want to know where Amber is,” shouted Seymour. “Amber, we need you. Your children need you.”

Seymour and Stiles added that she is always kept in constant communication with them.

“Family means too much to her to do something like that,” said Stiles, “so we feel in danger.”

Stiles saw Eichner the day she went missing at the Circle K gas station on Woodville Road and says something was wrong.

“She acted very shyly and as if something was wrong,” she said, “but I didn’t understand because I never thought something like this would happen.”

Both women emphasized that Eichner is a great mother and that her children are her world.

“She really took care of her girls,” said Seymour, “she has four girls and they miss them like crazy.”

Seymour and Stiles say Eichner had problems with her husband and told them she was leaving her husband last month.

“She and the girls planned to return to Tennessee to live with my cousin until she could get back on her feet,” said Stiles, “but my sister never made it.”

Family wants answers. Amber Eichner, 34-year-old mother of 4 children from Genoa, has been missing since April 14th. Her cell phone last rang on April 23 from a tower in Cleveland, Tennessee.
Amber’s cousin Erica believes her husband had something to do with her disappearance @ WTOL11Toledo

– Michael Tatar (@MichaelTatarTV) April 27, 2021

Eichner flyers were posted all over Genoa in the hope that someone would see her face and know where she is.

If you have information on Eichner’s disappearance, call Chief Matthew Herrig or Sgt. Mocniak at the Genoa Police Department at 419-855-7717.

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