I-Staff: New particulars in Wellington crash thriller

At around 3 a.m. on March 1, a Sara Charles car was discovered by the roadside in Wellington, partially buried under the brush and in flames.

Inside were two bodies, presumably Sara and her five-year-old daughter Lexi – so badly burned that they could not be identified immediately.

More than a month later, her family has more questions than answers: Why was Sara driving through Wellington that night? Why did she take her 5 year old daughter with her early in the morning? How did your car crash? Did she meet anyone?

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Sara’s roommate tells CBS12 News that she drove from her West Palm Beach apartment to Pompano Beach that evening to pick up her baby. Why was she found all the way in Wellington, a few miles west of the most logical route?

Making her death more suspicious, her family says, were conversations they had with Sara a few days before her death.

In audio files obtained exclusively from CBS12 News, Sara can be heard talking to her brother Stanley over WhatsApp.

Through a Haitian Creole translator, CBS12 News learned that Sara’s family warned them to be careful because they were concerned about their safety.

Sara was in the middle of a divorce and was fighting for child support.

In the audio files, Sara’s brother says he recently spoke to Sara’s estranged husband, David Figaro, and that David apparently threatened Sara.

“Every time I’ve talked to him, bad can happen to you or you will go to jail and he will be sorry for this and that,” Stanley Sara said on a recent phone call.

“I just want to go ahead and be done with him,” Sara said to Stanley.

Sara’s estranged husband David declined to be interviewed on camera but spoke to CBS12 News on the phone. He denied ever threatening Sara, saying it had nothing to do with her fatal car accident.

He claims he was working in Orlando the night she died.

David also denies that Sara was on her way to her place in Pompano Beach to pick up her baby that night.

“That’s the secret,” he said. “We don’t know what she was doing there back then. We don’t know.”

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office is still investigating the crash.

Sara’s family said they won’t be satisfied until they know what got them to Wellington that night – and why their car crashed.

Matilde Lubin, Sara’s cousin, says the 25-year-old immigrant from Haiti went to college to become a nurse and care for 5-year-old Lexi and her child Niya – the child she shared with David Figaro.

Lubin says she often returns to the crash site to understand this tragedy.

“It’s like we have a big puzzle right in front of us and there’s no way we can put it together,” she said. “That doesn’t make sense to me.”

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