IFP helps dad and mom with kids’s beginning certificates

The Palmview, Phoenix, Govender Family expressed their sincere thanks to the Inkatha Freedom Party and their local representative, Jonathan Annipen, for the help they received in applying for birth certificates for two of their children, ages five and ten to speed up months.

The family had financial problems and delayed filing applications. They heard about Annipen helping others in their ward and asked for help. They shared that they were blessed to have the support that he had given them.

Annipen visited our house and gave us financial support. He also kept us up to date on the issue of our children’s birth certificates and when we couldn’t make arrangements to go to the Home Office, Mr Annipen picked us up and made sure we could collect the documents without any problems. My daughter is going to school next year and we feared that we would not be able to enroll her in the R class without a birth certificate. My youngest baby is 10 months old and we were unable to apply for child benefit for her or my other children without a birth certificate. The help of Mr. Annipen has enabled us to give our family a better life. He also encouraged us to stay hopeful, focused, and do what is best for our children. It was very inspiring and motivating. We are very grateful to him and the Inkatha Freedom Party, ”said the family.

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Annipen stated that like many young couples in South Africa, this couple was facing great difficulties.

“The socio-economic structure of SA makes many families helpless and disadvantaged. In many cases, poverty is inherited. With this in mind, the IFP is determined to eradicate all forms of inequality and imbalance, and wants to give citizens a fair chance to change their lives. As a party, we will not shrink from giving an arm of support or help to those in need. The Govender family tried every possible way to change their outcome, but the odds were against them. I was just helping them get the ball rolling. That little nudge will spur them on. I am determined to help everyone who is sensibly in need in the ward, ”said Annipen.

The public can reach Annipen via WhatsApp at 064-508-6343 or in the IFP office in the Tab Center in Gem City, suite three, below the bag.

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