Illinois hire aid program $1.5B growth introduced by Governor JB Pritzker

CHICAGO (WLS) – Governor JB Pritzker announced on Monday a $ 1.5 billion expansion of a rental assistance program.

The expansion will enable 120,000 households to receive help.

According to the Illinois Housing Development Authority website, the program is aimed at households who are lagging behind on rent due to reasons related to the pandemic. It offers up to 15 months of rental assistance or up to $ 25,000.

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Landlords can submit a joint application with their tenants from Monday to June 7th. Tenants have until June 24th to complete their part of the application.

Renters can submit applications from June 9th through June 28th. Landlords would have until July 6th to complete their part of the tenant-initiated application.

Households must meet the following eligibility requirements to qualify:
– Budget is in arrears for at least 30 days
– Household lives in Illinois and rents their home as their primary residence
-The gross income of the household cannot exceed 80% of the area median income for the location

– The household must have got into financial difficulties, directly or indirectly, as a result of the pandemic, for example:
1. Be discharged
2. The place of work is closed
3. Reduction of working hours
4. Loss of spouse / child benefit

5. Inability to work due to COVID-19
6. Having to stay at home with children because the daycare / school is closed
7. Due to the high risk of severe COVID-19 in the workplace, it is not possible to participate in previous employment
– If there is a risk of homelessness or residential instability

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