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State lawmakers are considering laws that would prevent bill collectors from using people’s latest federal business recovery checks to pay back bills.

Rep. Helene Weinstein, D-Brooklyn, the federal laws that approved the stimulus payments did not consistently contain explicit language in which the relief payments are set out. You are protected from seizure to satisfy judgments.

“I should point out in the earlier stimulus packages that there was a language-specific language at the federal level that protected these funds and excluded them from the collection.” Said Weinstein. “At this last round, the passage of the American Recovery Act prevented that language from being included in federal law, which is part of what requires government action.”

A.6617, which Congregation passed 112-38, provides that aid payments resulting from these federal laws are not subject to attachment and clarifies that all aid payments to New Yorkers under these federal laws, including anyone with children affiliated funds, and all funds for qualified or received New Yorkers are protected.

Rep. Andrew Goodell, R-Jamestown, voted against the legislation because there is no provision exempting those who have not gotten into economic trouble from the pandemic to pay their bills.

“So if you’ve never lost a job, your income will be the same and you’ve received thousands and thousands of dollars in incentives from the federal government. Then why shouldn’t we ask or expect this person to use these funds to pay for their work, for example? Rent or your mortgage or your utilities? “ Asked Goodell.

The legislative rationale for the bill states that state lawmakers believe that New Yorkers should be able to take full advantage of the financial assistance provided by the stimulus payments, and that any seizure of the money by the bill collectors will be the beneficiaries Takes opportunity to feed themselves and their families and increases racial inequality.

“When distributing the stimulus funds, the federal government does not sit down and ask whether you have lost your job or have not lost your job.” Said Weinstein.

“The idea is that for so many families who are hard hit, these funds should be used for some of these needs. The procedure is there. We have protected other funds, and will continue to protect other funds, such as veteran’s benefits, without asking the individual veteran whether they have other income that enables them to pay a debt. We believe that these resources should be on the same level. “

The legislation provides for an outsourcing of claims made by individuals who have an interest in relief payments because of their status as spouses or relatives or in situations of fraud. This means that measures to support children, spouses or support spouses can be taken before the family court, protection orders, marriages and civil claims.

Goodell said he supported the spin-off of family court claims and he supported disallowing unemployment benefits because the fact that someone is unemployed proves that the person has suffered economic loss. However, according to Goodell, A.6617 should have included some requirements to prove economic losses before the money is blocked by bill collectors.

“What we’re saying is great news. You’ve received thousands and thousands of dollars in taxpayers’ money without ever losing a workday, but you don’t have to pay your bills,” Goodell said. “And if you get a verdict against you that would be unique in New York since we closed the courts, but if you had a verdict against you, you don’t have to pay the verdict either. … I understand if you have suffered a loss of income due to COVID and need this money created through a Fed Stim program. I understand. I am with you. I have to say, I don’t think it’s right for you to take thousands and thousands of dollars off the federal government, taxpayers, and turn your noses to all of your creditors. I think it is inappropriate and the wrong message to be sent. “

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