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Thursday, January 12, 2023 | 0

A bill introduced in Maryland would be subject to a portion of financial recovery in workers’ compensation cases to child support arrearages.

Senate Bill 71, introduced Wednesday by Sen. Benjamin Brooks, D-Baltimore, would state that 25% of the net recovery by workers’ comp claimants would be subject to execution on a judgment for outstanding child support.

Net recovery is defined as money that a claimant receives in comp cases after deductions for attorney fees, expenses, medical bills and any liens or other outstanding claims for personal injury.

The bill was sent to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee for consideration.

Brooks introduced a similar bill last year when he was a delegate in the state House of Representatives — HB 650 — but despite having unanimous support in the lower chamber, the Senate never called the measure for a third and final vote before the end of the session .

A fiscal and policy note for the 2022 measure is here.

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