Jackson Avery’s Custody Association With April Is A lot Extra Civil Than His ‘Excessive Battle’ Actual Life 1

When April Kepner (Sarah Drew) left Grey’s Anatomy, many viewers thought she had taken Jackson Avery’s (Jesse Williams) daughter Harriet with her. However, for the past few seasons, the custody agreement between Jackson and April looks amicable. In real life, Williams’ custody of his ex is completely different and is viewed as a “high conflict”.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What happened to Harriet Kepner-Avery?

April Kepner left Jackson Avery at the end of Grey’s Anatomy season 14. She married Matthew (Justin Bruening), the man she left at the altar. However, she still lives in Seattle and provides medical care to homeless communities. As season 15 began, viewers wondered where their daughter Harriet Kepner-Avery was going.

Then in Grey’s Anatomy season 15, episode 11, Jackson took Harriet to the hospital to see her grandmother Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen). Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) and Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) operated on Catherine to remove her tumor. They saved her life and she commented on how happy she was that she could still hunt Harriet.

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Harriet didn’t reappear on Grey’s Anatomy until the season 17 premiere. In retrospect, Jackson recalled when his girlfriend Vic (Barrett Doss) knocked on his door in a puff coat. He had Harriet then and had to protect her eyes. Vic broke away from Jackson and stated that she was not a “stepmother”.

“You are not a stepmother,” repeats Harriet.

Jackson Avery and April Kepner share custody of Harriet on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Viewers may not remember April and Jackson divorcing Grey’s Anatomy on season 12. It first became hostile when Jackson tried to fight for custody of her unborn child. In response, April filed for an injunction against Jackson.

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However, during a conversation with his lawyer, the surgeon realized that he should improve his child’s situation. In season 12, April and Jackson agreed to raise their child together as friends. From the few episodes in which Harriet has left the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital since April, it appears that the couple continue to share custody of their daughter on friendly terms.

Jesse Williams’ custody agreement is none other than Jackson Avery’s

In Grey’s Anatomy, Jackson Avery ran everything about her daughter Harriet, and April Kepner was out of court. In real life, however, Williams and ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee find themselves in the middle of a three-year divorce. They fought over custody and alimony, and things still haven’t settled down.

According to TMZ, on April 12, a judge ordered Williams and his ex-wife to attend “high-conflict” parenting classes in an attempt to remedy the situation. The online program is a 6-seat parenting course that provides strategies for resolving conflicts between co-parents. Hopefully it helps, and their custody agreement could get more like Jackson and Aprils on Grey’s Anatomy.

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