Jackson Police reply to a barricade; suspect in custody

JACKSON, Tenn. – Jackson Police responded to a barricade situation around 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon in North Highland after receiving a domestic violence call at a local store.

Before the police reached the store, the suspect left the store and went to a nearby house.

“We had information that he was in the residence with a three-year-old child who was not his child but a child of the victim of domestic violence,” said Chief Julian Wiser of the Jackson Police Department.

Chief Wiser says after police entered the house the suspect refused to come out.

“The situation became a barricade, he didn’t come out, so we had our negotiators and tactical officers on the ground,” said Chief Wiser.

Wiser says they wanted to make sure the suspect didn’t hurt anyone.

“The negotiators got him released, the child was unharmed and negotiations continued and he later gave up,” said Chief Wiser.

Police aren’t sure why the suspect barricaded himself, but they found more information about the suspect after he was in custody.

“He’s also a suspect in another criminal investigation we’re conducting. Officials are on site with the criminal investigation department and are currently executing a search warrant, ”said Chief Wiser.

Wiser says the local police could have got everyone out safely.

“Nobody was harmed, nothing happened to the child and the suspect is on remand,” said Chief Wiser.

Jackson Police were unable to reveal the suspect’s identity, but Chief Wiser told us the suspect was born in 1993.

We will have more updates as they become available.

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