Jaime King’s Ex-Husband Reveals Actress’ $600ok Netflix Payday, Calls for Everlasting Spousal Assist

Kyle estimates Jaime’s monthly income to be $50k. He reached that figure based on his 2021 income.

Kyle said, “Jaime is a successful model, film and television actress who has consistently worked since approximately 2001, appearing in such” films as Pearl Harbor, Sin City and as the voice of Aurra Singa on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He points to her multi-season-run television series Heart of Dixie and her “recent successful 2-season hit on Netflix, Black Summer, in which she played the lead role and was a producer in the series.”

“In 2021, Jamie earned $616k for her work on Black Summer alone,” he said. “In 2021, during the course of these proceedings and at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jaime starred in a film opposite Bruce Willis; Out of Death. Jaime continues to work and earn income. Just this summer, she had released a movie Code Name Banshee where she is the starring lead opposite Antonio Banderas.”

Kyle said Jaime also pulls in money from appearances, royalties for past work, and promotional gigs. He said during their marriage they lived an upper-class lifestyle living in Beverly Hills.

He said Jamie “is currently 10 months in arrears on spousal and child support.” Kyle said before their split his average income was $750 per month.

He said due to Jaime’s refusal to pay support he has been left in “dire straits.” He said he owes money to family members and has been unable to hire nannies like Jaime.

Kyle said he wants permanent spousal support. He pleads for the court to acknowledge that he played a large part in Jaime’s “upward career trajectory by devoting his time to domestic duties, derailing his own career as a director to the benefit of Jaime.”

Jamie has yet to respond. The two are expected in court later this month.

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