Jeremiah Raber Shares Three Children With Ex-Spouse Naomi Stutzman

On a recent episode of Return to Amish, TLC veteran Jeremiah Raber met with Dennis, an Ohio-born man who may be his long-lost biological father.

Raised in Holmes County, Ohio, Jeremiah left his adoptive parents in 2012 to star in the first season of Breaking Amish alongside Kate Stoltz, Abe Schmucker, and the like. Jeremiah’s family life, including his relationship with his children, has been reviewed several times since he came into the spotlight.

Jeremiah Raber and his ex-wife Naomi Stutzman share three children.

Jeremiah rose to fame in 2012 with the first season of Breaking Amish. He also appeared in Breaking Amish: Brave New World and Return to Amish.

Jeremiah’s personal life received a lot of media attention over the years. Season 6 of Return to Amish is about his relationship with Dennis, who may be his biological father, while earlier seasons highlight his tumultuous relationship with his second wife, Carmela Raber (née) Mendez). Does he have children with Carmela?

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Jeremiah and Carmela raise four children from their previous relationship. Jeremiah also has three children with ex-wife Naomi Stutzman, whom he was married to between 2005 and 2011.

According to a rumor, Jeremiah and Naomi may have ended things on bad terms. Chances are he doesn’t spend a lot of time with the children they share (two daughters and one son). In addition, some fans believe he got into trouble because he didn’t pay child support.

Some outlets posit that Jeremiah could owe up to $ 10,000. Others, like Looper, estimate he could lag behind in payments as much as $ 20,000.

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Jeremy Raber children

Jeremiah tied the knot with Carmela Mendez in 2016.

Jeremiah and Carmela got married on April 16, 2016, revealed a YouTube video entitled “Wedding of Jeremiah and Carmela”.

According to outlets like Nicki Swift, Jeremiah was arrested on suspicion of battery in April 2017 following an argument between him and Carmela. In October 2017, Jeremiah also accused Carmela of stealing the $ 16,000 they sold their home for per In Touch Weekly.

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“We sold the property, cashed the check this morning, she put it in her purse, and when I got out to pay the electricity bill, she withdrew,” wrote Jeremiah in a now-deleted Facebook post.

Jeremiah and Carmela put the relationship on hold in 2017 only to try again shortly afterwards. Even though they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs, they’re probably still together. They will continue to appear on each other’s social media content, such as: B. Instagram posts and YouTube videos, and they also star in Return to Amish.

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Jeremy Raber children

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