Jihoon Hires Shark Lawyer For Custody Battle vs. Deavan

90-Day Fiancé: The other star Jihoon Lee hired a shark lawyer to help him win his Taeyang custody battle from Deavan Clegg.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Star Jihoon Lee hired a shark attorney to help him win his Taeyang custody battle from Deavan Clegg. The Korean had some unlikely allies and help from caring fans who organized a GoFundMe in his honor. The goal was to help Jihoon in every possible way in his custody battle.

Jihoon recently celebrated the GoFundMe campaign in its latest Instagram post, launched by a fan, Amanda Crosby. Since the show ended, Jihoon has announced that he wasn’t proud of his behavior and expressed that he wants to do better. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon are currently involved in a nasty abuse allegation and custody battle.

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In Touch reported that Jihoon’s new attorney, who is based in Utah, is “well able” to handle his custody battle against his son’s mother. Crosby revealed, “Yesterday we actually introduced Jihoon’s attorney to the world. His name is Joseph C. Alamilla. He is a family law attorney in Utah, where Deavan filed all of her papers.”

Jihoon Deavan Drascilla Abuse: TLC: 90 days fiancé

The Good Samaritan continued, “He took the case because Jihoon wanted to lose all of his rights to his son this week, so Joe filed a response. If Jihoon’s attorney hadn’t filed properly, all it would have.” she would have been asked in this paperwork. “Amanda told ScreenRant that she started GoFundMe for two reasons. First, because fathers have rights too. Regardless of how people think of Jihoon, he has the right to be in his son’s life. Second, the allegations are against He just got him just that. Still, he has a right to legal counsel and to come here and defend himself. “Although the GoFund Me campaign may have failed because it raised only $ 2,703 of its $ 50,000 goal , Amanda announced that the attorney “has filed to make the court aware that he is representing Jihoon. He has filed a response with Deavan’s attorneys and is not waiting for the $ 50,000 to come in. He works while we have this money.” collect. “

Most fans were moved by Jihoon’s plot and had raised hopes that the two would have made it, but it seems that the courts will have the final say. Fortunately, Jihoon now has a chance to fight, having found a lawyer in the US since the documents were filed there. Only time will tell and fans must be excited about the end result.

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