JSBell Regulation Launches Divorce Observe to Deal with Little one Custody Circumstances

DALLAS, September 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / – JSBell Law announced that it is expanding its practice nationwide to include custody cases relating to divorce, amendment, or lawsuits that affect the parent-child relationship. This expansion symbolizes the company’s commitment to helping parents separate amicably while keeping their children’s wellbeing first.

founder James S. Bell States: “I am excited about this expansion and I am confident that our nationwide presence will improve the welfare of children trapped between divorce. We can’t wait for our contribution to be felt in all states.”

By expanding, Mr. Bell hopes to make the divorce process painless for children. Mr. Bell and his team of experienced lawyers will work with divorced spouses to ensure they resolve child-related aspects of divorce quickly, cheaply, and in the best interests of their children. They are also ready to conduct litigation throughout the divorce process if necessary.

In addition to simplifying complex custody issues in terms of the time each parent should have and the amount of financial support one parent should receive from the other, Mr. Bell and his team will use their proven litigation experience to resolve complex custody issues Multiple states involved in divorce, international custody and child protection issues during divorce proceedings.

JSBell Law’s custody attorneys are equally skilled at handling settlement negotiations and heated courtroom trials. They stand by the fact that their clients don’t have to make unfair personal and financial compromises just because they split up or get divorced.

Mr. James Bell firmly believes in offering practical face-to-face representation in all matters. He is directly involved in all cases handled by the firm, making JSBell Law one of the few law firms nationwide that does not delegate most of their cases to junior lawyers and staff. JSBell Law has a proven track record in civil litigation, including securing favorable judgments and significant financial settlements (over $ 6 billion) for the law firm’s clients.

Divorced parents can contact JSBell Law for a no-obligation 100% FREE initial consultation.


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