Julia Fox Claps Again Unhealthy Botox TikTok

In this house, we stan Julia Fox. It’s the law.

And my stanhood increased when I stumbled upon her TikTok story (which is basically TikTok’s version of Instagram stories) this weekend. Here’s what happened.

Julia posted an innocuous TikTok of her talking about child support. She started the video with, “You know what irks the shit out of me?”

Well, someone stitched the video and said, “You know what irks the shit out of me? Your bad botox. You can’t really miss it.”

@juliafoxsource / @juliafox / Via Twitter: @juliafoxsource

The person then pointed out her forehead lines and said, “Your forehead muscles are still pulling, so you get these lines — just on the corner of your eyebrows. You need a little bit more botox.

Well, Julia stitched HER video and overlayed text that read, “I don’t have botox, but you clearly have unresolved trauma and refuse to acknowledge it, causing you a) focus on the negative in every situation and b) lash out at women who aren’t plagued by misery like you.”

“You need a little bit more therapy,” Julia added.

YES, JULIA, YES. Handled that in the classiest, most Julia Fox way possible.

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