Kathryn Dennis hasn’t met Thomas Ravenel’s new son amid their new custody battle

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel may not be together anymore, but they still have a lot of drama between them.

Dennis, 29, announced at the Southern Charm reunion that she had not met Ravenel’s newborn, Jonathan Jackson Ravenel. She also told her castmates that Ravenel, 58, was suing her again for custody.

When John Pringle asked if she and Ravenel had found their step in bringing up their children Kensie (6) and Saint (5) together, she replied, “No.”

“He’s starting to take the kids away,” added Craig Conover to Shep Rose’s shock.

“He’s suing you for custody?” Andy Cohen asked.

Dennis nodded, noting that they currently have 50/50 custody but that she believes Ravenel wants full custody of Kensie and Saint because he is moving.

“I didn’t meet the baby and I didn’t meet the baby’s mother,” added Dennis. “I’ve never spoken to her before. I will.”

Dennis also noted that she knew Ravenel and his fiancée Heather Mascoe had a date before they split up and got back together before their son was born. She found out they were engaged through a news agency.

Despite claiming they teamed up once last January, Dennis said that “this door is closed to the future.” She is currently happy with her boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell, whom she joked that her daughter has a crush.

Later on at the reunification, Conover noted that Ravenell’s last name has two “ls” to differentiate his family line, since his family once belonged to Thomas Ravenel’s ancestors as slaves.

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