Kids present in deplorable circumstances now in state custody

Three children who were found living in what Brownsville police described as “deplorable” conditions are now in custody of the state.

The children were found last week living in a home on the 1700 block of Grant Street that was covered in animal feces and mold as police conducted a search warrant.

The children’s ages range from 10 months to four years old.

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Eight people were arrested at the home, their charges range from possession and ending a child.

Those arrested were:

  • Bertha Olvido (56)
  • Esau Alas Cruz (30)
  • Isaias Najera (25)
  • Priscilla Amaro (31)
  • Leonardo Daniel Torres (18)
  • Amber Amaro (22)
  • Juan Torres (22)
  • Evelyn Amaro (37)

One of the women arrested is the mother of the children.

Police were tipped off about drugs at the home at the beginning of the year. Police said they found crack cocaine, THC wax and pot in the home.

Brownsville police spokesman Martin Sandoval said the three children were not in a good condition.

“They actually haven’t been bathed for a couple of days, and the 10-month-old, his diaper was soiled – nobody had changed him maybe for about 24 hours or so,” Sandoval said.

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