Kootenai County Sheriff’s Workplace Notable Requires 4/25/21 – Lewis-Clark Valley Neighborhood


The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office handled the following notable calls on 4/25/21:

Day Shift handled the following notable call:

The units responded to Honeysuckle Beach because of a possible crash. There were several callers about the driver of the suspicious vehicle who may have been drunk. Citizens followed the suspicious vehicle to Honeysuckle Beach, where units contacted the driver. During the investigation, it was found that the driver was upset about his brother’s death. Based on some statements, it was decided to transport the make to KH and put it in a PC hold so that he could get help. He was quoted and dismissed from KH for DUI.

The evening shift handled the following notable calls:

One MP responded to a civil dispute. Two men were involved in an oral argument about the man’s failure to pay child benefit. Indeed, no crime had been committed. 21-16839

MPs responded to an unattended death report. One man had died after a medical episode. Nothing suspicious was found. 21-16853

The MPs replied to the casino for theft. A man had given in a cash voucher for about $ 850. Security was able to identify a possible suspect, but he had left the scene. 21-16848

Night Shift handled the following notable call:

MPs responded to the Lancaster X Hwy 95 for a non-injured accident. One driver fell asleep behind the wheel and ran off Highway 95. The driver did not suffer any injuries. 21-16871


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