Lake County Information,California – Lake County Superior Court docket studies updates to operations

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – As Lake County’s pandemic data continues to improve, the Lake County Supreme Court announced this week that it is rolling out some operational changes.

The court’s executive director Krista LeVier said there will be no material changes immediately, but that the court is taking steps to allow for more face-to-face litigation.

Some of the planned changes include moving some court cases from Lake County Fairgrounds to the courthouse and clearing civil jury cases in May.

Court officials are in contact with health officer Dr. Gary Pace kept in touch regarding public safety terms in legal proceedings.

“The court continues to strive to provide necessary and essential services to court users while protecting the health of all who come to court or work within the court. The court will continue to limit the number of cases on the calendar, require social distancing in court facilities, require face-covering and continue to handle matters remotely until further notice, “said a written statement from LeVier and presiding judge Michael Lunas.

The court continues to post updates on its website.

The following changes are planned.

Personal court calendars

Beginning April 26th, the following calendars will begin (or will be) to enable personal appearances.

Zoom appearances are permitted for those parties or lawyers previously viewed remotely. All other calendars are only available as remote procedures.

– Crime Settlements, Division 3, Tuesdays.
– Crime preliminary hearings.
– convictions hearings (remote viewing may be permitted by the judicial officer).
– Crime Law and Movement, specifically set on Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m.

Civil and family law litigation and evidence hearings

Cases scheduled for a hearing on or after May 17 for civil and family law litigation or evidence hearings will be conducted in person.

At the request and approval of the judicial officer at the time of the initiation of the proceedings or the hearing, the appearances can still take place remotely.

The cases that have already been set for a remote hearing or procedure will remain set as remote procedure.

Criminal proceedings against jurors

In any case, the court will continue to select the jury on the exhibition grounds.

From the week of May 3, criminal proceedings against juries will be conducted in the courthouse, with the exception of cases specifically intended for court proceedings on the exhibition grounds.

Jurors unable to serve because they are at high risk of COVID-19 related complications will be apologized before going to the courthouse.

Further details of the procedure and precautionary measures will be given when the jury is summoned.

Legal proceedings against civil jury

Civil Jury Trials set for the month of May will be cleared along with the associated mandatory settlement conference and trial assignment dates and set for the case management conference to reset.

Starting with the court hearings of the civil jury for June, the trial date, the mandatory settlement conference and the trial dates remain unchanged. In a civil jury process, which is to be carried out in the same way as in criminal cases, the jury is selected on the exhibition grounds and brought to court in the courthouse.

Clearlake court calendar

Calendar of the Department of Child Benefit Services

The DCSS child benefit calendar will continue to run from remote appearances. From May 17th, however, a personal appearance is permitted.

Traffic calendar

All traffic calendars will continue to run remotely. From May 17th, however, a personal appearance is permitted.

Unlawful Detainees and Small Claims Calendar

Starting May 17, unlawful detention and minor court cases will be conducted in person. However, at the request and approval of the judicial officer, the performance can still be made remotely.

Self-help center

Appointments on the same day are accessible again on Wednesdays from May 19. Individuals can call or come in person to the public self-help desk to schedule a same day appointment. After planning, people will leave and return for their appointment.

Public access to the self-help computer lab will also return on May 17, subject to capacity constraints due to social distancing.

All other calendars continue to be carried out with the mandatory remote display.

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