Lamar Odom blasts ex-girlfriend in Instagram submit

There are two sides to every story, and Lamar Odom shares his side of the child support argument with his ex-girlfriend, Liza Morales.

Morales is after Odom and has sued him for allegedly missed child support. Just recently, a judge ripped off Odom for failing to make payments.

But now Odom has shared his page in an Instagram post countering Morales’ claims. In the post, Odom essentially referred to Morales as a deadbeat for not trying to work, make money, or make sensible changes to her money spending.

Here is what his post said:

“Back in the news for some BS !!
truliza4u (I’m blocked)

I never skip my personal business because it’s personal, but I’ve had enough.
I was never married to the mother of my children. I took care of her from the second she got pregnant and kept paying her bills after I got married. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR AN ADULT WOMAN !! When my children grew up, my duties were done! I told her to go to work! MOVING to an affordable home, she wasn’t listening and that’s NOT ME!
The news, the media, the public love to vilify a man, to call him dead, to say how awful he is as a man, but what about a woman who refuses to get away from her – and make a living too to earn? She is just as responsible for taking care of our now ADULT children as I am, so why is she not being kept to the same standard?
Enough is enough. I don’t get a pension from the NBA until I’m 46. I don’t own a line of CBD, I haven’t received $ 40,000 from Celebrity Boxing

I work ? YES
Am I building a solid brand? YES
Do I send money to my children every month? In any case !
Do I support Lisa? No !!! And neither should I be forced to! So I’m going to spend my day in court, I’ve never received any papers, and I’m going to file an injunction against this bitter judge order.

To all of the women out here who are mothers who take care of their children, greetings to you!

To all fathers who take care of their children but do NOT receive any recognition, I feel you and I greet you too!

To the Lizas who sit on their A – es and expect a handout, who lie and manipulate their children, who use their children as pawns, who invent stories and scenarios to attract attention, you can seek healing and advice for your brokenness ~ you need it. “

Odom did not hold back all.

He will have his day in court to see what a judge has to say about his restraining order. Whether he’s dating a Kardashian or not, the drama seems to haunt him.

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