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Divorce can be stressful and emotional. It often feels like your soon-to-be ex-spouse is making the process more difficult as you sort out your finances, living conditions, and custody agreement. The right lawyer can make all the difference.

Boca Raton Family Law Specialist Tina L. Lewert from Lewert Law deals with all aspects of matrimonial and family law. As an ally and attorney, she works as a team with each client to resolve child custody issues, parenting issues, child support, complex wealth distribution and alimony payments. She can also help with domestic violence-related issues and post-divorce issues, such as changes in custody or an ex who refuses to pay child support or maintenance.

“If I’m your lawyer, you will be looked after personally,” says Lewert.

Lewert is happy to train clients to understand the law and their case strategy. Your honesty is appreciated. “It is important to me to convey to my clients reasonable expectations regarding the course of the procedure and the legal requirements. It may not always be what they want to hear, ”she says. “But it’s open and realistic.”

As a specialist lawyer for marriage and family law, Lewert is one of only 266 attorneys in Florida who are recognized by the Florida Bar as “experts” in this field. “I can’t imagine working in any other area of ​​law,” she says. “Family law is human and real, and I know that I am helping people take the next step in their lives.”

She is also a Florida Supreme Court certified family law mediator, which means she can help you get divorced in a cooperative and non-combative manner. “My favorite part of my job is when the divorce is over and I say ‘Congratulations!’ can say.”

Lewert earned her bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University and her JD from Nova Southeastern University. She has received multiple awards and accolades, including a 2021 Power Lawyer Award in the New York Times. She was also referred to as the Florida “SuperLawyer,” a designation restricted to 5% of Florida attorneys, for nine consecutive years.

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