Males are accountable for youngsters they father

Being in the conservative movement, I am just amazed at the terms people come up with. The latest is “forced fatherhood,” (Bismarck Tribune 11-12-22). An unmarried couple decide not to have children. She gets pregnant anyway. She is not going to abort the child, and plans to give birth and force him to pay child support. Hey is upset! He is calling this “forced fatherhood.” He wants off the hook completely. Enter the Liberal Youth of Sweden, who recently proposed legislation that will give men the right to what you might call a legal abortion. Under this proposal men would have up until the 18th week of pregnancy to give up any right to visit their child — and then they would be legally exempt from paying any child support. This is meeting a lot of resistance!

When it is all said and done, men want to skirt their obligation with this legislation. If he helped create the child he is responsible for it. This is the reason many men are for abortion. Convince or coerce or pay the woman to abort the child and men would not have any obligations.

In the end they are forgetting the child, who had nothing to say about the circumstances around its birth. These are babies created in the image and likeness of God.

Virginia Dolajak, Bismarck

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