Man allegedly crops gun, medicine in spouse’s automotive in custody ploy

Daniel Roy Dunham, 42, of West Des Moines, was arrested Thursday for controlled substance abuse, dangerous stalking weapons and two cases of child endangerment.

A West Des Moines man was arrested Thursday on a Dallas County arrest warrant related to an August incident in which he allegedly planted drugs and a loaded gun in his wife’s vehicle and then reported them to law enforcement for her Depriving custody of children.

Daniel Roy Dunham, 42, of 1087 Glen Oaks Dr., West Des Moines, has been charged with controlled substance abuse, stalking weaponry and two child endangerment cases.

An investigation by the Clive Police Department found that on Aug. 30, 2020, Dunham allegedly “placed a loaded 9mm Taurus pistol and 7 grams of cocaine in the victim’s vehicle,” where his two 5-year-old children had an ability to access to receive firearms and drugs, which poses a significant risk to the two children, ”the court records said.

Dunham reportedly planted the gun and drugs in the victim’s vehicle “without their knowledge” and “with the intent to arrest them for possession of these illegal items”. After planting these items, the defendant, along with other unknown people, called law enforcement and reported that the victim was in possession of a firearm, “the court records read.

According to witnesses, Dunham allegedly said that he “wanted to see the victim arrested so that he could (could) have custody of his children”.

The investigation also found that “after the victim’s vehicle tires were cut open” on November 10, 2020, “a GPS tracking device” was “attached to the victim’s vehicle” and Dunham was allegedly “the registered owner of a GPS device”. according to court records.

The victim said Dunham’s actions caused her to feel “terrorized, scared and believed that the accused could harm her physically”.

A warrant for Dunham’s arrest was placed in Dallas District Court on January 25 and served on January 28. Dunham is being held in Dallas County Prison on $ 10,000 bail. He is due to be tried in the Dallas District Court on February 8th.

* A criminal complaint is just an accusation and the accused is innocent until proven guilty.

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