Man in custody after capturing at three folks in St. Paul

When officers arrived at the scene, police said they spoke to a 54-year-old woman who told them her 46-year-old ex-boyfriend broke into her home and started shooting at her and three others.

No victims were injured inside the house by the gunfire, police said.

According to police, officers then evacuated the apartment and did not find the suspect or any other victims, but shortly thereafter, officers found the suspect, later identified as Amos Johnson, on the 900 block of Lawson Avenue East, who was from a gunshot wound.

St. Paul Fire paramedics treated him and took him to Regions Hospital for injuries that were not considered life threatening. Police said it was unknown whether the suspect’s injuries were self-inflicted.

The officers searched the area where the suspect was located and found a firearm, an expanded magazine and several cases.

Johnson had a pending arrest warrant from Milwaukee, Wisconsin for deliberately harming a number of crimes including second degree sexual assault / mentally ill victims, violent kidnapping and child abuse.

According to police, Johnson was arrested for second degree assault with dangerous weapons.

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