Man in custody after returning stolen automobile with 2 kids inside

TULSA, Okla. — A man returned a stolen car after realizing children were in the car and is now in custody, according to Tulsa police.

On Thursday around 7:40 pm, officers received a call from a mother saying that her Ford Fusion, along with her children, was taken from the Red Fox Apartments near 21st and Memorial.

She told police that she left her car running with her two children inside when she went inside an apartment at the complex. When she came out, she found her car and her 11-month-old and two-year-old gone.

TPD called in units from across the city, including K9s, detectives, and helicopters, to start a city-wide search for the missing children.

Around 8 pm, a call came saying someone had witnessed the car and the children dropped off in the area near 14th and North Phoenix. The witness also said they saw the suspect jump into another car and left the area.

Police quickly responded and found the children. They are now safe.

While talking with the mother, officers noticed she was “extremely intoxicated” and had trouble recalling details about the kidnapping. She admitted to smoking marijuana in her apartment near 51st and Memorial and then drove her children to the Red Fox Apartments to visit a friend.

The mother was arrested for child endangerment and DUI. Marijuana was found on her after she was arrested.

Later around 9:15 pm, Tony Deangelo Davis returned to the area where he dropped off the stolen car. Tony Davis told police that he needed a ride to pick up his car after someone took his.

Tulsa police say he admitted seeing the Ford Fusion running at the Red Fox apartments and jumped into it, but didn’t know or see the children in the back until after he stole the car.

Davis was arrested for Larceny of a car and two counts of kidnapping.

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