Man in custody for inflicting burns on seven-year-old son in Adoor – KERALA – GENERAL

ADOOR: A man was taken into custody for severely burned his seven year old son in Adoor, Pathanamthitta. He brutally attacked the boy in the name of college. He burned the boy and his legs. Adoor Police have taken the defendant, identified as Sreekumar, into custody.

Sreekumar went out and asked his son to study. When he came back, he asked him if he had studied. When he said “no” he soon took a spatula and burned his body. The incident occurred on January 30th.

The incident came to light after the boy’s mother told about it. With the help of a Panchayat member, the locals informed the police and the children’s aid center. Police said the man was in a drunk state at the time of the incident.

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