Man Launched From Custody After Taking pictures 6-12 months-Previous Black Baby Accumulating Bike

Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office / Fox 2 Detroit

A Michigan man was released on bail after shooting a six-year-old black boy who was pulling his bike out of his yard.

Ryan Le-Nguyen, from Ypsilanti Township, west of Detroit, was recently arrested by the Washtenaw County Sheriff and charged with assault and murder.

The incident happened after the six-year-old named Coby parked his bike in front of a neighbor’s house after riding it with his friends. When he returned to pick it up, Le-Nguyen is said to have come out with a sledgehammer in hand.

Arnold Daniel and his son Coby.  (Fox 2 Detroit)Fox 2 Detroit

According to the boy’s father, Arnold Daniel, the man said something to Coby. Although it is not known exactly what was said, Coby replied to Le-Nguyen. Shortly afterwards he went back inside, got his gun and shot Coby through his front window and hit him in the arm.

“He tried to hit me with a sledgehammer, but it won’t work because I’m too fast. [Then he] I shot a gun and a boom at myself here, ”Coby told Fox 2 Detroit.

On video footage, you can hear the shot and see Coby running to meet his friends on Candlewood Lane and their panic when an older child tells someone to call the police.

Ryan Le-Nguyen was released on bail.  (Washington County Sheriff's Office)Washtenaw Sheriff’s Office

Fortunately, the boy suffered only minor injuries from the shot and the bullet went straight through his arm. He was taken straight to the hospital, where the doctor told him he could have died if the bullet had hit him an inch in either direction of the wound. He has now returned home and is expected to make a full recovery.

Le-Nguyen has since been released on $ 10,000 bail, leaving Coby’s father angry and confused. “I’m trying to find out that he has such a low bond because he tried to kill my child,” he said.

‘Right now, [Coby is] don’t even process what happened. He doesn’t realize how close he was to not being here … but I do, ”added his father.

Arnold Daniel is confused about the connection.  (Fox 2 Detroit)Fox 2 Detroit

Despite the gravity of the charges, a local judge gave Le-Nguyen a $ 10,000 cash loan he made Tuesday after being picked up by a family member. Although he was also ordered not to return home, Daniel is still concerned about Coby’s safety.

“I’m afraid for my family because I don’t know what he’s capable of,” he said. Prosecutors have since made an urgency motion to increase bail and said they were also shocked at how low the incident was.

Photo credit: Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office / Fox 2 Detroit

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