Man sentenced to 12 years in lethal hit-and-run of Johnson County bicyclist

Derrick Scott beat and killed Alec Guyette on March 7, 2020, then tried to hide from the police.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – A judge sentenced 33-year-old Derrick Scott of Indianapolis to 12 years in prison for a fatal accident involving a cyclist. Alec Guyette was met and killed on March 7, 2020.

Scott was driving to a friend’s house on Emerson Avenue that evening when he ran into something. When he got to his friend’s house, they saw how bad the damage was to his car and went back his route. They found Guyette by the side of the road and a mangled mountain bike in a front yard.

Scott left the house before the police could get there, and they later located him at his Indianapolis home. He refused to go to the door and was only arrested after the police kicked in the door.

Shortly before his conviction, Guyette’s mother asked that Scott use the money for his children as part of his excellent child benefit in lieu of her family refund.

“I have done my fair share in such cases, and it is truly inspiring to see someone who has had a loved one stolen from them display this level of grace and compassion for the person who caused it.” said prosecutor Joe Villanueva.

Scott faces nine years in prison and three years probation.

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