Man Who Sought Second Spouse’s Custody Absconds After She Lodges Rape Fir | Ahmedabad Information

Ahmedabad: The person who approached the Gujarat high court for custody of his second wife last month is now at large after she lodged at FIR in Hyderabad accusing him of rape and for violation of the Information Technology Act for recording and sending her 12 pictures and video clips of their intimate moments.
As the man is “absconding”, the lawyer representing the wife’s family requested the high court on Tuesday to issue orders to prevent him from leaving India on the grounds that the man is a close relative of “wanted terrorist” Mufti Sufiyan Patangiya and he may flee the country.
The simple habeas corpus petition filed for custody of the second wife has now taken turn of an inquiry into alleged sexual perversity of the man with the high court sending the man’s mobile phone to FSL for copying data. The court was informed that nearly 3,200 files have been copied and many of them are explicit photographs and nude video clips involving the man and his wives. The court has ordered the FSL to return the mobile phone and data to DCP cybercrime, who will scan the material. The court has sought a report on this.
According to an affidavit filed by the woman’s father in response to the habeas corpus petition, the 30-year-old man, who is a kari in Ahmedabad, got in touch with his 18-year-old daughter during an online tutorial program run by his sister. In October, he went to Hyderabad and brought the girl to Ahmedabad and they solemnized nikah and got their marriage registered. It has been alleged that the man hid facts about his first marriage.
A missing complaint was filed in Hyderabad, and the family with Telangana police came to Ahmedabad looking after the girl. The family, however, failed in convincing the girl to return. In March, the girl returned to her parental home for a week. The husband then sent nude videos and photos to his wife, who was alarmed at seeing the explicit content. She informed the family about kari’s habit of video recording their intimate moments. The family pressured a group of religious leaders in Ahmedabad to prevent the man from spreading the videos. His mobile phone was taken away from him by the religious leaders.
The woman then sent a complaint to Vejalpur police about her husband’s behavior and requested the cops to immediately seize his mobile phone. It was taken in custody by DCP, Zone 7.
On the other hand, the family told the HC that the habeas corpus petition was a ploy by the man to avoid any inquiry into his habits. They claimed that divorce has also taken place in the meanwhile and an FIR for rape was lodged against him. The family demanded probe into the man’s mobile and to make a scrutiny of communication through the mobile for identification of all women and child he has pictured with him.

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