Matthew Beyer, studying of kids’s deaths, requested him to cease help funds

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – The prosecution in Matthew Beyer’s murder trial is expected to call its last witnesses on Friday, the 7th day of the trial in Outagamie County.

Beyer, 38, of Manitowoc, is accused of killing his 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter in their mother’s home in February 2020. The crimes carry life in state custody if convicted.

Thursday, prosecutors focused on showing Beyer not only song to investigators but also had a motive of not wanting to pay child support.

Video evidence and a witness put Beyer near the children’s home in Kaukauna the day they were killed. The witness took the stand, saying he saw a man matching Beyer’s description of Park Beyer’s van, leave and return in a short time, and then he heard the van take off.

Detectives who worked the case showed what was collected from Beyer’s work locker, where his employer tested they had certain tools and equipment issued to them, including a specific pair of gloves that couldn’t be found. A detective noticed an injury on Beyer’s arm just above where those protective gloves would stop.

Detectives also testified that Beyer was caught on video lying about his whereabouts during the early morning hours the day his children were killed.

“Matthew’s vehicle was observed driving down the roadway on February 17th in the early morning hours prior to when he said he went to work. So ultimately he didn’t tell us the truth,” Kaukauna police detective Kory Krueger told the court.

Interviews conducted on February 17 with Beyer and his then-wife, Erika Beyer, show Mr. Beyer showed little emotion when he was told about his children’s death but then smiled for a photo taken by the police.

Krueger added Beyer was crass when wrapping up his interview.

“The last question that he asked me was if I would call Outagamie County Family Court and advise them that the children are dead so that we wouldn’t have to pay child support anymore,” Krueger testified.

“Did he also have a question about his van?” the prosecutor asked.

“He was concerned about his van because he was going to go to work the next day; he wanted it back.”

The defense asked few questions Thursday.

The State plans to wrap up its line of questioning Friday around noon, then Beyer’s defense will begin calling witnesses.

A detective at Matthew Beyer’s murder trial recalls Beyer’s reactions to learning his children were dead

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