Melody Explains Why She Stopped Co-Parenting With Martel After Making Progress

Reality stars Melody Shari (formerly Holt) and Martell Holt can’t seem to get their co-parenting situation to a peaceful place. But Melody insists it’s not her. Despite the Love & Marriage: Huntsville stars seemed to be having more civilized to one another over the summer, chaos ensued on social media to show that they’d taken several steps backward.

‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ stars Melody and Martell argue during meeting

The two have a legal custody agreement and were making progress in their co-parenting relationship

When their divorce was finalized, their four minor children ranged in age from 1-9. Amid their split, Melody spent a lot of time in Atlanta with their children to escape the drama in Huntsville. While there, she and Martell split custody, with them having the kids two weeks each out of the month, and arranging pick up and drop off at a mutual location.

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Martell threatened to go for full custody of the children, and Melody moved out of their marital home. The divorce settlement revealed that they have joint legal and physical custody of their children. With no formal custody agreement in place, they have to try to work together to determine a weekly schedule. Neither were awarded to pay child support nor alimony and agreed to share expenses for their children.

After nearly two years of them not communicating, Melody invited Martell to attend a family vacation with the children and both of their grandmothers from each side in Destin, FL. The former couple spent four days in the sunshine state, and things were looking hopeful for a more cordial relationship. But upon their return to Huntsville, things quickly changed.

Melody says Martell continues to dismiss her boundaries and caused a regress in their co-parenting

According to Melody, she contracted coronavirus (COVID-19) after the trip. She learned that Martell told such to his former longtime mistress, Arionne Curry, whom he shares a 1-year-old child with. Curry revealed the information in a social media post, and also claimed that Martell called Melody her name, which upset Melody. Melody denies that she was upset that Martell called her Arionne. Instead, she was frustrated that Martell shared her information with the same woman who caused so much drama in their marriage.

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Additionally, Melody learned that Martell was dating RHOA star Sheree Whitfield and had already introduced the Bravo star to their four children without her knowledge. With that, coupled with what she experienced with Martell in the past, she felt disrespected.

In the Season 4B finale, Martell visits Melody’s home to try and discuss something regarding their children, but after Melody refuses to allow him in, things become tense. Martell alleges he told Arionne about her having COVID in an effort to ensure her son didn’t become sick. Melody disagrees and believes Martell uses Arionne and others as his “mouthpiece.”

Where do things currently stand with the exes?

Since the fallout from Destin, the two exes have not been able to come to common ground. Martell says he wants things to be better for the sake of their children, while Melody says whenever she makes progress with Martell, the drama resurfaces. Therefore, she prefers no contact with him.

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