Merrill girl sought in battered kid’s loss of life, further suspect in custody

From Shereen Siewert

One person is in custody and another person is wanted by police in connection with the death of a young child from the Merrill area whose battered body was found dead in November.

Cody Gene Robertson, 25, was arrested in Merrill on Wednesday, police said. The police are looking for the child’s mother, Amber Paige Boyd, 22. Both Robertson and Boyd are charged with child neglect resulting in death in connection with the death of the 15-month-old child.

Police say Boyd called 911 around 1:20 p.m. on Nov. 12 to report that her child was not breathing at home in her town of Corning. Boyd told dispatchers that she spotted the child “about five minutes earlier” and called someone before calling 911. Officers and rescue workers arrived about 15 minutes later and found that the child had numerous bruises on the face, head, arms and legs for a criminal complaint.

Paramedics report the child had a makeup concealer that covered scabs and abrasions on the neck, chin, and near the eyebrows, with additional makeup on the child’s head.

According to court records, an autopsy performed on Nov. 13 found the child had acute bronchiolitis, an acute inflammatory injury to the bronchioles usually caused by a viral infection, with dozen of lesions on the child’s body. The autopsy also revealed additional lesions on the child’s scalp that matched “fingers or something similar”.

The child weighed just 17 pounds at the time of his death, which is below the third percentile for children his age, according to prosecutors. Blood test results showed that the boy had methamphetamine in his body at the time of his death, and additional tests showed that his siblings also had methamphetamine in their urine, according to court documents. Methamphetamine was discovered at the scene.

According to police, Boyd admitted that she and Robertson had smoked methamphetamine in the living room on the day the boy died.

Robertson is due for a bond hearing in Lincoln County Circuit Court Monday.

Anyone with information on Boyd’s whereabouts is asked to call the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office at 715-536-6272. Callers can also call Crime Stoppers of Lincoln County at 715-536-3726 or use the P3 app.

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