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(CBS DETROIT) – With support from Aramco Americas, Michigan Science Center (MiSci) is bringing back its popular Traveling Science program.

Starting June 1st, MiSci will be accepting online reservation requests for this program and other interesting scientific workshops, group presentations and interactive experiences.

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Photo credit: The Michigan Science Center

The Aramco Traveling Science Program starts on Saturday, June 5th, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at MiSci.

MiSci has been running this program since 2012 but stopped it in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, per safety protocols, this outdoor program is making a return, providing libraries, community centers, and schools across Michigan with energetic, hands-on STEM experiences.

“Aramco Americas is helping our team get back on the streets this summer and providing inspiring, educational experiences for children and families across Michigan,” said Christian Greer, president and CEO of Michigan Science Center. “Finding ways to inspire young people is important, and there’s no better time to do it than during the summer season, when kids have time to play and explore nature in Michigan’s wonderful natural surroundings.”

Last summer, when MiSci reopened in July, they organized the “Summer of Science” with free entry in collaboration with Aramco.

“We are excited to continue to support the Michigan Science Center and its vital role in education in the Detroit community,” said Nabeel I. AlAfaleg, President and CEO of Aramco Americas. “As a technology devoted company, Aramco’s support for MiSci is an opportunity for us to generate interest and excitement for science and innovation.”

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Photo credit: The Michigan Science Center

This year’s Amraco Traveling Science Program focuses on socially relevant MINT topics under the heading “Imagine your story – see yourself in the MINT.”

The celebration of underrepresented people in MINT is encouraged, such as women and people with skin color. This includes the discussion of innovators and inventors who defy stereotypes. For example, one of the activities includes a discussion about Christine Darden, the first African American woman to become an executive at NASA, who was also featured in the book and film Hidden Figures.

The Aramco Traveling Science Program is expected to provide around 25,000 kindergartens for eighth grade children, mostly in outdoor locations – schools, libraries, summer childcare, after-school programs, and other community groups.

Popular activities in the Aramco Traveling Science Program include:

  • Eureka! – Discover unexpected and amazing stories about how modern wonders came about, like lightbulbs, the microwave or even favorite toys.
  • Sciencepalooza 2.0 – With the most modern scientific concepts and technologies such as electromagnets and lasers.
  • Simple Circuits or Digital Bling Station – Providing hands-on electricity workshops where students learn the basics of switching and making electricity, and giving children the opportunity to develop wearable technology to take with them.

To make reservations, contact MiSci at [email protected], 313.577.8400, ext. 474 or via the online inquiry form for additional information.

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