Minooka Man Accused of Battering Youngster & Feminine, Now in Custody For Allegedly Killing One other Particular person

A Minooka man could spend the rest of life behind bars for allegedly murdering another individual. The Hanover Park Police Department said Brandon Beamish, 27, of Joliet and Scott Smierciak, 25, of Minooka are accused of killing Fred Boerma, 58, of Hanover Park inside his home in the 7900 block of Northway Drive sometime in the late night hours on May 16th.

Beamish has been arrested for Murder, Home Invasion, Residential Burglary and Armed Habitual Offender. Smierciak was arrested for Murder, Home Invasion, and Residential Burglary. Both individuals remain in custody.

Meanwhile, a Grundy County grand jury indicted Smierciak on Wednesday, June 1st. Smierciak was indicted on the charge of Aggravated Domestic Battery, a class two felony and domestic battery. The indictment alleges that Smierciak strangled a household female member somewhere in the Grundy County area on May 14th, which is two days before the alleged murder of Boerma.

Smierciak was also arrested by the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office for Aggravated Domestic Battery and Endangering the Life or Health of a Child at a residence at the 20 block of Main Street in Minooka on Friday, September 24th of 2021.

Police officials say Smierciak is accused of punching his ex-girlfriend several times and in the process of trying to hit her again, missed and struck his six-week-old child in the head. The child was in his mother’s arm when struck.

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