Miya Ponsetto, who confronted Black teen over cellphone, in police custody in New York Metropolis

NEW YORK – The Californian woman who was arrested after being seen on video against a black teen she falsely accused of stealing her phone in a New York City hotel is currently in police custody in New York and is now being charged.

Miya Ponsetto, 22, agreed on Friday to be extradited to New York after being imprisoned in California. She is currently in the 1st District in Lower Manhattan and has been charged with attempted robbery, grand theft, two-count attempted assault, and endangering a child’s well-being.

Ponsetto appeared on video Friday in court in Ventura County, California, over the alleged attack on 14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. in late December. In court, she agreed to be brought back to New York for charges.

Harrold Jr.’s parents hope Ponsetto will be accused of assaulting their child, who was traumatized by the event.

Ponsetto apologized but defended her actions in a television interview conducted prior to her arrest.

“I think I’m super cute,” Ponsetto said in an interview with CBS This Morning that aired on Friday. “I don’t feel that this is who I am as a person. I don’t feel that this one mistake defines me. But I sincerely apologize with all my heart for making the son feel like me . ” attacked him or when I hurt his feelings or the feelings of the father. “

The interview was conducted on Thursday afternoon, hours before Ponsetto was jailed in Ventura County.

Police said Ponsetto was taken into custody by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Thursday night on a cursory warrant. NYPD detectives who had flown to California to help with the search were also in attendance at the arrest.

Ventura County Sheriff’s MPs had planned to stop the warrant for her arrest from New York, but she refused to stop and drove slowly through her neighborhood in Piru, California, officials say.

When it came to a halt, she struggled and resisted arrest. ABC News reports that she had to be physically restrained and arrested.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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