MLS releases Portland Timbers investigation outcomes, fines membership $25,000 for failing to report Andy Polo incident – The Athletic

Major League Soccer has released a five-page summary of its investigation into the Portland Timbers regarding its handling of domestic violence allegations against now former midfielder Andy Polo. The league has fined the Timbers $25,000 for the “club’s failure to promptly and appropriately report” the May 2021 incident involving Polo and his then-girlfriend, Genessis Alarcon, to the league office, something the club was required to do by the MLS Constitution. It also found that the club did not pressure Alarcon to drop charges against Polo, something Alarcon had alleged in a recent interview.

“Although the investigation found no evidence that the Timbers organization influenced Ms. Alarcon’s decision to press charges and that they did not attempt to conceal the incident,” the league said in a statement, “prompt reporting is critical to League oversight, addressing potential misconduct , and ensuring that players and their families are referred to appropriate resources, including potentially the League’s Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Program.”

In February 2022, Alcaron went public with allegations that Polo had physically abused her and their children, and had failed to pay child support. She went into detail about the May 2021 incident where Washington County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the home she shared with Polo and observed a scratch on her arm, which she said she received from Polo. At the time, Polo was cited for harassment and offensive physical conduct, a misdemeanor. Polo’s contract with the Timbers was later terminated.

Alarcon eventually decided not to pursue criminal charges against Polo, but suggested that the Timbers had pressured her not to do so.

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