Mom, daughter donate 1000’s of dumped pennies to home abuse middle

RICHMOND, Virginia – A Richmond family received a shocking shipment last month when 80,000 pennies landed on their front yard. Now they are using the money to help those in need.

“I just turned 18. When I was in the middle of class, my father stopped by. He had rented a trailer, ”recalls Avery Sanford.

The senior Deep Run will spend the summer at home before moving to Virginia Tech for her freshman year.

“He stopped in front of the house and turned on the trailer so he’d thrown all the pennies on the grass and my mother came out and said, What are you dumping in my garden? She didn’t know who it was until he screamed, it’s your final child support, “said Sanford.

The 18-year-old never thought that she would have to use a shovel in the summer to catch a domestic drama.

“It’s not just my mother he’s trying to embarrass me, it’s me and my sister, and it’s annoying that he didn’t think about that before he did,” Sanford said.

With the pennies collected, Sanford and her mother decided to turn a bad situation into a positive one. Every penny of Avery’s last child support payment is donated to Safe Harbor, a domestic violence center.

“When I turn around and donate this money to needy mothers and children, I feel that this is really changing this situation in a positive way. You can learn from it, ”said Avery.

Avery hasn’t spoken to her father in years. She said the Penny incident proves she made the tough but right decision to stay clear, and she said she was not interested in being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect her mother.

“It is really hurtful and harmful to your children when you do this. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or adult, your parents’ actions will always have an impact on you, ”Avery said.

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