Mother Says Daughter Has Turned On Her After Assembly Estranged Father

A mother posted her story on the subreddit, “r/TrueOffMyChest,” about how her daughter broke her heart after reconnecting with her biological father.

The subreddit is a place for people to post stories without expecting opinions, advice, or for the purpose of preaching to anyone — it’s just a place for people to get whatever they want off their chest.

Her daughter’s narcissistic father left them with no child support and no contact.

The mother, who refers to her daughter as “L,” met L’s father, who she refers to as “M,” when she was 20 years old and he was 19.

“I won’t get into detail but it was an insanely abusive relationship,” she explained. “I know now he is/was a narcissist (he is diagnosed). There was no contact, no child support, and no family, so I struggled to raise my daughter by myself.”

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When her daughter turned seven, she met her current husband, whom she refers to as “A,” and claims that everything was going well and they were a happy family.

She claims that he was the father she always wanted, and when they had two kids together, L was happy to have new siblings.

“Things were great, until Ls 12th birthday when she told me the only thing she wanted for her birthday was to meet M,” she explained.

She didn’t expect her abusive ex-boyfriend to respond, but his girlfriend actually replied back saying that she would love to meet L.

“That in itself should have been a red flag and I should have just told her that I couldn’t get in contact,” she wrote, “But I felt like she deserved to meet him and form her own opinion.”

When they met up, he told them that he hated kids and that he never wanted any and that she was an accident — still, L pressed forward.

She claims that L wanted her and her biological father to get back together and be a family again, so her solution was to claim that her stepfather sexually assaulted her.

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When she defended her husband to CPS, they took her children away from her, and “when L realized that M wasn’t gonna save her from foster care she decided to tell CPS she was lying and my kids all came home to me.”

Things returned to semi-normal, but L continued to threaten CPS whenever she wasn’t getting her way, and when she wanted to drop out of high school, her mother put her foot down.

“I told her there was no way I was going to allow that,” but her father said that “if she lived with him full time she could drop out of school and start her ‘actual’ life.”

M and L gave her an ultimatum, either she sign off on the school un-enrolling her, or they would CPS on her and her family, alleging that they had been abusing L.

Months later, the abuse continues, and she’s worried that it’ll affect her two younger children.

“I [truly] believe L has BPD, but because of her age they won’t diagnose her, but she has all the signs of it and family history,” she explained.

“I also haven’t even begun to explain all of it, there’s just too many things, but the things she has done to my family have completely broken me.”

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The comments were flooded with sympathy for the woman, and advice (even if she didn’t expect any) about what she should do next.

In an update to the post, she revealed that she will be going NC (No Contact) with her daughter and her ex, deciding that the trauma and pain weren’t worth trying to help her daughter who didn’t want any.

“It’s hard when you still see them as your baby,” she wrote in the comments.

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