Native Information: Meth, pot discovered on ‘irate’ suspect (5/25/21)

A man allegedly in the possession of methamphetamine and marijuana was arrested after trading suspiciously in the Dollar General Market on Madison Street Saturday afternoon.

Bernie Albert Caldwell Jr., 46, of East Lane Street allegedly ignored a request from a gun freak, gave a false identity and appeared angry. Officer Dylan Bliss said in a report.

Caldwell entered an unlocked room at a nearby motel and was taken down with a “straight arm bar”. Maneuvers by Bliss, the report said.

?? I have meth? Caldwell is said to have told Bliss. Officers found 1.7 grams of crystal meth and a partially smoked marijuana cigarette that was 0.5 grams, Bliss said.

Caldwell was charged with opposing Stop / Frisk / Stopp, criminal impersonation, possession of List II and IV drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, and public poisoning and held a $ 32,500 bond.

Gunshot wound

According to Shelbyville police radio traffic, a person suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach early Sunday in a house on Templeton Street.

The victim was taken to Vanderbilt Bedford Hospital for initial treatment.

A report of the incident was not made available on Monday. According to the court spokesman, no one authorized to disclose information was in police headquarters on Monday due to legal proceedings and vacations.

No explosion

Several people in northern Shelbyville reported hearing a large explosion or crash shortly after 3 p.m. on Sunday.

The explosion?? Wood was actually burned in a dumpster on Calsonic Way, said Shelbyville Fire / Rescue firefighter Jason Richardson.

The explosion occurred when the fire was being lit with gasoline, Richardson said. Nobody was injured.


A trailer of approximately $ 800 worth of wood was removed from a house that was being remodeled on the 500 block on Minkslide Road between 9-10 a.m. Friday, a report from the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office said.

One of the owners said he saw someone leave with the trailer but thought he was authorized to do so.

A lunchtime love seat was taken from a shed on Burrum Drive around noon on Sunday, police said.

Lost weapon

A pistol fell from a bag in the Duck River near Dement’s Bridge on Saturday lunchtime, according to a BCSO report.

Pot found

Police found 1.05 grams of marijuana in a vehicle driven by Josiah Murrill during a traffic obstruction on Union Street Saturday night.

Officer Darrian Lanier’s report said Murrill crossed the center line and nearly hit a traffic line that led to the stop. Murrill was charged with simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia and received a subpoena from the General Sessions Court.

Prison admission

The following individuals have been indicted by the Shelbyville Police Department, Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol, or 17th District Drug Task Force since Friday. You are only charged; Guilt or innocence are determined by the courts.

Miguel Ambrocio Alonzo, 43, Union Street; DUI (second offense), no driver’s license, no insurance, registration law; held $ 8,000 bond

Jessica Leigh Burnham, 32, Murfreesboro; No-show, revocation of parole; held $ 10,000 bond

Bernie Albert Caldwell Jr., 46, East Lane Street; Resistance to stop / frisk / stop, criminal imitation, possession of List II drug, possession of List IV drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, public poisoning, debtor surrender; held, $ 32,500 bond

Coty Tyler Cantrell, 28, McBride Lane; Vandalism; released, $ 1,000 bond

Carlos Garcia, 18, Cedar Grove Road; Non-appearance; released, $ 1,000 bond

Xochitl Ayala Garcia, 27, Central Avenue; no driving license, registration violation, non-compliance; released upon recognition

Pedro Gomez Cinto, 45, Baker Street; No drivers license; released, $ 1,000 bond

Carlos Dewayne Green, 39, Green Lane; domestic attack; held, $ 2,500 bond

Tammy Elizabeth Hambrick, 41, El Bethel Road; DUI, driving license revocation (fourth offense), avoidance of arrest, reckless driving, surrender of debtor; held, $ 17,500 bond

Josh Rudy Jones, 31, Fairground Heights; Hands-free Act, due diligence, expired registration, identity theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, DUI (second offense), driver’s license revocation (third offense), possession of List VI drug, possession of List III drug, possession of List III II drug; held $ 80,000 bond

Shona Rena Jones, 37, Harrison Road; Suspension of probation, show cause for hearing; released, $ 3,000 bond

Juan Francisco Juan, 29, no fixed address, Shelbyville; public poisoning; released, $ 500 bond

Isaac Shuron Knott, 40, South Brittain Street; Possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal in possession of a firearm, possession of List VI drug with intent to sell, intensified domestic attack, two child child support payments; held $ 26,000 bond

Sonya Marie Leverette, 36, Martha Street; Non-appearance; Subpoena delivered

Maynor Lopez Santieo, 34, King Arthur Court; financial responsibility, no driver’s license, running stop sign; released, no bond

Patricia Leeann May 27, Estill Springs; criminal responsibility, surrender of the debtor; held, $ 3,000 bond

Ashley Hope Mooningham, 24, Barksdale Lane; Revocation of probation; released, $ 2,500 bond

Juanita Rose Morella, 69, Briar Patch Drive; Possession of a weapon under the influence; released, $ 2,500 bond

Nicole Neff, 37, El Bethel Road; Non-appearance; released, $ 2,500 bond

Christopher Jarrett Nix, 23, Highway 82 South; Revocation of probation; released, $ 2,500 bond

Michelle Marie Parker, 38, Landers Street; Vandalism, public intoxication, criminal impersonation (two points); held, $ 2,500 bond

Andrew Scott Peoples, 29, no fixed address, Shelbyville; resist stop / halt / frisk; held, $ 2,000 bond

Edward Ramierz Guevara, 20, Warners Bridge Road; No-show (two counts); released, $ 2,500 bond

Jesus Ezequiel Sebastian, 31, Rockwood Drive; DUI (fifth offense), driving license withdrawal, implicit consent; held $ 22,000 bond

Jalil Lee Singleton, 23, South Thompson Street; Parole notice served

Maurice Cyril Smith, 31, Cedar Circle; Lighting law, driver’s license suspended; released, $ 1,000 bond

Heath Nicholas Smith, 25, Anthony Lane; DUI, possession of a drunken firearm, simple possession of a List VI drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container, financial responsibility; released, $ 5,500 bond

Derek Bradley Stout, 23, North Jefferson Street; No-show, bank order, debtor surrender; held, $ 2,500 bond

Robert Lee Taylor, 71, Madison Street; Driver’s license suspended (fifth offense), left at the scene of the accident; released, $ 6,500 bond

Dustin Lee Wilson, 37, Smyrna; Revocation of probation; released, $ 2,000 bond

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