New child child dies whereas pregnant mother is in ASO custody

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Protesters call for action after a woman gave birth in Alachua County Jail and her baby died hours later in the hospital.

One protester said she was with a group that fought to get the Tammy Jackson law signed. It ensures that prisoners at work receive adequate medical care.

Erica Thompson was arrested Monday on charges of suspended sentence violation and not appearing to a traffic ad.

The police showed up at her door when she said she was in labor.

She said she eventually went into labor in her cell and screamed and cried in pain.

Thompson said medical staff barely checked her out.

She said they didn’t pay her much attention until her baby was almost completely born.

“I told them I had my baby, my baby is out of me, please get my baby and they were like what? I’m like I told you her head is out of me, my whole baby is out of me now. So they came in and picked up the blanket and stuff and that was when they saw me holding my child, ”Thompson said.

A sheriff’s office spokesman said inmates at the jail had 24-hour access to emergency care if needed.

“I understand the concern, I understand the outcry from the community, but it is important that we get a full review so we can see exactly what happened and be sure everything has been handled properly before we make a judgment “Said Kaley Behl, spokeswoman for ACSO.

Behl said Thompson received a medical exam before she was sent to jail Monday morning. She was transferred to the women’s hospital on Monday afternoon because of her pregnancy.

A comprehensive investigation is currently ongoing.

Once it’s done, they can post Thompson’s surveillance video in the infirmary.

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