New household legislation seeks to make custody fairer | Information

New laws attempting to correct many flaws in the outdated framework of Greek family law, particularly those relating to child custody in the event of separation, will be presented to Justice Minister Konstantinos Tsiaras’ cabinet before being presented to MPs for approval.

When ratified, the law gives both parties to divorce an equal share of the time they spend with their children, but also responsibility for looking after their well-being. For example, a provision is being introduced for the first time that grants the non-caring parent greater visiting rights in a separation and allocates him a third of the available time.

Life-changing decisions related to the child, such as medical matters, school choice, or even name choice, are also more evenly shared between separated parents.

The aim of the legislation is to strengthen the contribution of both parents to the upbringing of the child and to reduce the areas that can lead to friction between separated partners, often to the detriment of the child. It also seeks to prevent abuse of custody rights by punishing a parent’s efforts to alienate one child from the other.

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