New SCDSS Youngster Assist Portal

SOUTH CAROLINA – People paying or receiving child benefit have a new and more convenient way to manage their cases with the introduction of a new standalone customer service portal on the DSS website.

Via the portal, users can virtually inquire about their case status around the clock. This means that questions that would normally require users to call or visit a local DSS office can now usually be answered by simply creating an account and logging in.

After creating an account, users can view their latest payment information, upcoming hearings, and update their personal information. In addition, parents can make online payments, save or print a copy of their payment history, access applications for services, and even find a glossary of common child support terminology.

“Customer service is extremely important to DSS and the Child Support Services division. In order to give our customers the access they need and which our current technology enables, we have created a customer portal that answers almost all questions about their cases – from payments made and payment history to upcoming hearings, “says Tim Mose, SCDSS the director of the childcare department said.

Customers who wish to use the portal must first create a unique user ID and password after going through an identity verification process included on the website. Users can then review important information about their cases.

The portal is also linked to the main SCDSS website. You can find a demonstration of how to navigate the portal online at

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