NFL World Swept Over Cowboys Proprietor Jerry Jones Taking Paternity Take a look at to Show Innocence

The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is no stranger to controversy. Just as one draws to a close, another one creeps out. The latest is a court order compelling Jones to undergo a paternity test due to a plea by a woman from North Texas. And the NFL world is swept over the matter.


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The original lawsuit against Jones came in March this year and was dismissed. The latest lawsuit requested a paternity test.

Jerry Jones paternity test order sweeps the NFL world


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A woman by the name of Alexandria Davis wants the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to undergo a paternity test to determine if he is her father. The 25-year-old woman claims that Jones and her mother had an affair in the 1990s after which she was born. She has also claimed that Jones and her mother Cynthia Davis agreed on a child support settlement in lieu of their silence on the matter.

A judge has ordered Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to take a paternity test as part of a legal dispute with a 26-year-old woman who claims the billionaire is her biological father.

— NBC10 Philadelphia (@NBCPhiladelphia) December 24, 2022

While the original lawsuit filed in March was dismissed, this time the judge in the 192nd Judicial District court granted Davis’s request and ordered Jones to submit for the test. And the NFL world has a lot to say on the matter.

This fan hopes Jones doesn’t have to retest twice.

Hope they don’t have to retest, I’m not sure he has enough blood for more than one

— Peter Roberts (@PGRinBC) December 24, 2022

Another fan gives their perfect scenario in this case.

Is she Black? That would be so perfect.

— Colored Girl, Black Woman (@voodoowoman52) December 24, 2022

This fan feels Jones has got one heck of a Christmas present.

Another fan pointed to Jones’ earlier controversy to try and guess his response.

This fan gave their opinion on the matter.

This is all about a money grab. My bet is there is a sealed settlement before this case goes any further.

— Rado E (@RadoE49) December 23, 2022

Another fan summed up the case in as few words as possible.

This seems like a personal matter ! None of my business!

— n ledbetter (@nledbetter22) December 24, 2022

The court will decide whether there is substance in the lawsuit going forward. But it certainly has made the 80-year-old billionaire’s Christmas a little awkward.

Jones’ defense in the case


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Jerry Jones’ lawyers argued before the judge that the concerned court has no jurisdiction over paternity matters. And they wanted the case to be dismissed.

“This Court cannot assert jurisdiction over unripe claims and [Davis] cannot create it via her suit for declaratory relief. Accordingly, this Court should dismiss claims with prejudice,” Jones’ lawyers told the court through their filings.


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They also claimed that Davis wanted to make a deal with Jones before filling the case. When the billionaire refused to pay her, she filled the case, the lawyers claimed. Jones, through his lawyers, denied being Davis’s father as claimed by her in the previous lawsuit. Whatever the result of the case, it’s another day another controversy for Jerry Jones and in turn, the Cowboys in the NFL.

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