Omarion and Apryl Jones are Nonetheless Battling Over Custody of Their Two Youngsters

Apryl Jones says the mutual parenting relationship between her and her baby daddy Omarion hasn’t gotten much better since they split six years ago. Jones and the B2K member share two children and have had problems with custody and child support. Her brief relationship with Omarion’s bandmate Fizz didn’t make things any better either.

Omarion, Apryl Jones and their son Megaa Omari Grandberry and Apryl Jones at KOKO 2015 | Joseph Okpako / WireImage

Apryl Jones says Omarion continues to issue her court papers for her children

Jones recently told her Instagram followers on a live stream that she and Omarion have worked out a joint parenting system that works for them.

“He has people who help him with the kids, so I’d rather take care of them, do you understand what I’m saying?” She shared. “This is our method.”

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly. According to Jones, Omarion continues to use the court system at every turn instead of trying to communicate with her about the children.

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“And I am always served. That’s just the truth, that’s just the truth. So it’s like having to deal with it all the time in court, ”she adds. “As if I’m tired and I want it to stop most of all. And I know you will laugh at it like ‘You were served!’ “

Jones adds that the two have been apart for almost a decade at this point, but it seems Omarion is still bitter. She wishes things could be more cordial and insists she doesn’t cause Omarion any problems.

“It’s like, I laugh too. How is that ironically … how is that. We haven’t been together for six years so I don’t understand the problem. I’m not that baby mom who’s like a crazy baby mom or would knock on the door, ‘Give me this …’, I’m not. It’s like, take the kids, have fun, enjoy your life, do you understand what I’m saying? Well, I don’t know, ”she says.

The mother of two accuses Omarion of leaving her family

It’s hard for Jones to understand why Omarion is behaving as she claims to be – especially since she accuses him of ending things. She says Omarion left without warning or explanation.

“I was in a really horrible room in 2016 where I had just had my second child and my son was only one at that time, and I had a terrible breakup with her father,” she told Vogue LA, as reported by BOSSIP. reported. “He decided to leave without explanation and I was forced to pick up the pieces of my life.”

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It wasn’t easy to pick up the pieces for Jones, however. She says she doesn’t have a family in LA to rely on since her family is in Chicago. There’s also a court order that Jones can’t move out of LA with her kids.

“I ended up being sleep deprived and dehydrated from breastfeeding and I didn’t take care of myself as my priority was my children,” she explained. “I’ve made the decision to quit the job and I’ve saved enough money to do so.”

Hopefully the two can come to terms better.

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