Orlando Man Accused of Taking pictures at Mom of His Youngster in Hollywood – NBC 6 South Florida

An Orlando man is back in the Broward County Jail accused of shooting into a vehicle after his original arrest for shooting at the mother of her child, records show.

Nathaniel Lamar Smith, 32, and the woman were at the GhostBar in Hollywood about 2:15 am March 5 when they got into an argument over her allegedly looking at other men in the nightclub, according to the arrest report.

Smith slapped her across the face. She stormed out of the bar and Smith followed her outside yelling and cursing at her, the report stated.

She texted and phoned her cousin for help while walking to her blue Toyota Rav4 parked at a neighboring McDonald’s.

The cousin heard her yelling and crying on the phone. When the cousin drove up to the bar she saw Smith with a gun, police said.

The cousin yelled, “Oh [expletive], he’s shooting,” as Smith walked around the Rav4 and opened fire. None in the crowd of onlookers or the woman in the Rav4 were wounded, investigators said.

The Rav4 driver backed up, struck her cousin’s car and sped away, witnesses told police.

Officers pulled over the speeding Rav4 on State Road 7 near Sheridan Street and the driver explained what happened. Police found a bullet hole in the Rav4 and rear-end damage, they said.

The cousin arrived at the scene of the traffic stop and told police, “I saw the shooting at the McDonald’s. The shooter is [Smith]” and that he stripped off some clothing before running away, according to the police report.

A Hollywood Police dog tracked down Smith who said he hurt his ankle. He was treated at a nearby hospital before being booked into the Broward County Jail on March 5.

A records check showed Smith owed $2,000 in child support and he had no permit to carry a concealed weapon.

He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and firing a gun in public among other counts.

Smith was released from jail on a $20,000 bond in mid-May but was re-arrested in Orlando and booked into the Broward County Jail Thursday, court records show.

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