Paycor Assessment 2022: Options, Pricing & Extra

Paycor is a fully integrated human capital management (HCM) solution that includes a solid payroll software component.

Available as a cloud-based modular application, Paycor offers full-service payroll along with numerous HR and employee management features such as Time & Labor Management, Employee Scheduling, Benefits Management, and Recruiting & Applicant Tracking.

Who is Paycor for?

Although Paycor offers a variety of custom HCM and payroll solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, we’re going to focus on its Small Business bundle, which is designed for companies with between one and 39 employees. The Small Business bundle offers three plans, starting with the Basic plan, but you can scale up to a more robust plan at any time.

Paycor’s features

While Paycor’s emphasis is on HCM management, it also offers solid payroll capability.

The application is loaded with a variety of payroll features, with the majority of the HR and compliance features found in the Essential and Complete plans. However, all of the small business plans include complete payroll processing, federal and state tax calculations and filing, direct deposit, and numerous other features, including:

  • Employee self serve
  • mobile app
  • pay cards
  • reporting
  • Document storage capability
  • Contractor management and payment

Other features available in the Essential and Complete plans include a workers’ comp pay-as-you-go option, garnishment and child support payment self-service options, access to the HR Support Center, HR checklists, templates, and handbooks.

Employee pay options

Paycor can process payroll in all 50 states, including all state tax filing. You can also pay your employees in a variety of ways using Paycor, with direct deposit included in all plans.

You can also pay your employees with paycards, since Paycor integrates with several paycard options. If you prefer to pay your employees by check, Paycor offers its own check stock, which uses its own bank account and routing numbers for added security.

Integration with third-party accounting applications is also available in Paycor, but only in the Complete plan.

Employee self service

Paycor’s employee self-service feature is available in all small business payroll plans. The self-service option provides employees with easy access to their paystubs, current pay history, direct deposit information, and all tax forms.

The employee self-service feature offers employees access to payroll and HR information. Image source: Author

Employees can make changes to current tax deductions, and the smart workflow feature will notify you about the changes, which you can review and approve before they take effect.

Depending on the plan you choose, your employees will also have access to benefit information, as well as any necessary HR or compliance forms, along with Paycor’s robust learning management system.

Mobile app for iOS and Android

Paycor offers a free mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

The app offers full payroll-related functionality, allowing you to easily run a complete payroll from your phone. The app also provides your employees with access to a ton of features, including the ability to review their pay information, view benefit details, request time off, and even clock in and out.

Employee onboarding

Though only available in Paycor’s most expensive small business plan, the employee onboarding feature allows your employees to access and complete all necessary onboarding documents, such as tax documents, direct deposit details, and I-9 forms.

The complete plan also offers integration with the work opportunity tax credit (WOTC) program. Contractors can also onboard with Paycor, with a hiring wizard available to guide your contract employees through the entire onboarding process.

Paycor’s ease of use

Paycor’s initial implementation is handled by Paycor support personnel, who configure and enter all employee information, testing the software thoroughly prior to it going live.

Once live, you can access all Paycor features from the customizable Command Center, which is equipped with intuitive navigation and the ability to remove any features or functions that are not being used.

You’ll also have the option to add other features at a later date.

Paycor command center showing team breakdown with list of profiles

Paycor’s Command Center serves as a hub for access to payroll, HR, and employee data. Image source: Author

To expedite payroll processing, Paycor uses a pay grid that shows all current employees, with salaries, hourly, and contract employees listed on the grid. If using Paycor’s timekeeping feature, you can easily approve employee time cards in the system, with the approved hours automatically populating in the pay grid.

This eliminates the need to import hours from the timekeeping application. Employee pay information can be changed at any time prior to running payroll, with the new information available immediately. Once payroll entry is completed, you can view the summary page and make any last-minute changes prior to completing the pay run.

Paycor’s pricing

Paycor offers Small Business (1-39 employees) and Mid-Market (40+ employees) bundles, with the Small Business bundle offering three payroll plans to choose from. Pricing below reflects the cost of each plan for up to 10 employees:

  • Basic Payroll: Includes full-service payroll, tax calculation and filing, employee self-service features, and PDF reporting. The Basic Payroll plan starts at $99 per month for up to 10 employees.
  • Essential Payroll: Includes all basic features as well as garnishment and child support self-service, HR templates, and advanced analytics. The Essential Payroll plan starts at $149 per month for up to 10 employees.
  • Complete Payroll: Includes all Basic and Essential features as well as one-on-one support from a certified PR professional, new hire onboarding and tax filing, and integration with 401(k) and accounting software applications. The Complete Payroll plan starts at $199 per month for up to 10 employees.

Paycor pricing chart

Paycor offers three plans, all designed for small businesses. Image source: Author

If you currently have more than 10 employees, you will need to obtain a custom quote from Paycor for your business.

In addition to the features found in the Paycor small business plans, there are a variety of add-on modules available from Paycor. These include Time & Labor Management, Employee Scheduling, Benefits Management, and Recruiting & Applicant Tracking, with all add-on modules priced separately.

Working with Paycor support

Mentioned earlier, Paycor handles all initial product setup, and new users are trained in the application prior to it going live. Paycor also offers a variety of resources, including access to a robust help system from within the application.

There are also pages of resources for Paycor users, although most of the white papers and guides are centered around HCM topics like applicant tracking and HR management. Paycor users can request support online or by calling the software’s toll-free number.

There is also an option to contact one of the many Paycor sites that are located throughout the US

Benefits of Paycor

If you have employees, you need an easy, efficient way to pay them. Paycor offers that and a whole lot more, including complete HR and employee compliance solutions, solid reporting and analytics, and a good selection of add-on modules designed to enhance and expand upon the core application.

Paycor can be a particularly good option for those that use their mobile phones to run their business, since payroll can be processed from your mobile device. Paycor can also be particularly beneficial to businesses that desire access to HR resources.

Growing businesses should take a look

While payroll is arguably the most important employee management component, small businesses can often find themselves struggling to remain in compliance with numerous HR rules and regulations.

That’s where Paycor shines; the platform offers a number of HCM features, such as applicant recruiting and tracking, candidate search options, and workforce insights features.

It also comes with access to an HR support center, as well as guidance from an HR pro, should it be necessary. All this adds up to a complete HCM solution that can prove invaluable, particularly to growing businesses.

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