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For many people, private detectives are a facet of the media imagination. While they certainly make fun characters, they do exist in the real world. Private detectives play a major role in legal proceedings, especially in questions of family law. Since most people value their family more than anything, it is not absurd to go to extreme lengths to protect them. For some people, this means hiring a private investigator to gather information about their spouse’s or child’s other parent. Because divorce often means that two people are irreconcilably different, the reality of many divorces ends up in a controversial space. The two members simply cannot agree and extreme measures such as hiring a private investigator are taken.

Private detectives and adultery

In the event of a divorce, a private investigator can be hired to find evidence of adulterous behavior. It does not matter whether the person is hired before or after the divorce. Finding evidence of adultery usually does not result in significant changes to a divorce settlement. In general, it can only indicate to the judge that the divorce is necessary, but it does not affect aspects such as alimony, custody or child support. However, this may not be the case if the information is used to argue that the fraudulent parent is an ineffectual prime parent. Sometimes one spouse can use evidence of adultery to argue that the other spouse is behaving immorally and cannot be trusted with children. Evidence of adultery can also be used in divorce proceedings to influence the settlement. If a spouse can show that their ex used mutual funds for their extramarital relationship, that money can be included in the settlement and reduce the fraudulent spouse’s share.

Private Investigators and Finance

Another major use of the private investigative service is to prove that a spouse is better off than he or she suggests in court. Sometimes a person can get the court on their side by proving that their spouse is lying about their financial situation. While technically all assets should be disclosed during a divorce, sometimes spouses can find a way to circumvent the rules and keep funds out of the settlement mix. In these cases, the other spouse can hire a private investigator to prove that the spouse has hidden or undisclosed assets that should be considered.

Spousal support and child support

Finances also play a role in maintenance and spousal maintenance contracts. These agreements are based on both parties accurately disclosing their financial information. This information is used to determine:

– When support from one side is guaranteed.
– How much support is guaranteed.

If a party has dishonored their financial situation during these negotiations, there is a possibility that the payment amounts could be changed. For example, if a spouse who pays spousal support claims to have a certain amount of money, but private investigative work determines that they have far more than they reported, that spouse may have to pay more spousal support. On the other hand, if a spouse who is receiving payments claims to have no financial assistance and is financially well off, spousal support payments could be reduced or stopped altogether. The same scenario can also apply to child support.

Private investigators and child custody

Private investigations into child support are particularly precarious. In some cases, a spouse may need to show that the child’s other parent is unable to care for the child. That spouse could easily hire a private investigator to follow up on the parent in question and gather evidence of this type of behavior. Ultimately, custody agreements are made in the best interests of the children concerned. If the spouse is actually unfit, the private investigator has done the case a service. However, in some cases, spouses try to punish their ex-partner and the private investigator is hired to analyze their ex-partner’s behavior.

Private detectives and justification

In general, private investigators can be tricked into substantiating conditions or allegations in a trial. It is natural for memories to be different from person to person. In some cases, a private investigator may act as a third party to confirm or deny claims made in court. Overall, this can be an incredible addition to legal proceedings. With clear evidence, the case can go more smoothly and negotiations can be completed quickly.

High quality private detective services

Unfortunately, not all private investigators adhere to the same standard. In addition, it is very easy to waste your money if they do not have the required experience. In particularly unfortunate situations, the “evidence” found could be deemed invalid in court, which could seriously damage your case. To avoid these situations, it is best to hire a private investigator through your lawyer. As mentioned earlier, private investigators are more common than you probably think, and most lawyers have references or relationships with people they know do quality work. If you consult your lawyer first, you are guaranteed to find a private investigator who has the experience, who knows what to look for and who knows how your lawyer works. You will understand what your lawyer needs and will be able to find and deliver it legally and build your case. Additionally, hiring a private investigator through your attorney will ensure that you are doing this for the right reasons, and not out of defiance or feelings of hurt.

Stange law firm passionate about the law

For high quality legal services, you are at the right place at Stange Law Firm. We have decades of experience in our work and, if necessary, advise you on private detective services. We run our business on the basis of compassion and trust, and we are passionate about finding the truth and keeping the law. If you are going through a family litigation or other legal situation, contact us online today.

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