Police Division establishes ‘Secure Change Zone’: Monitored space for baby custody, on-line sale exchanges | Group

In recent years, the City of Verona Police Department has noticed an increase in the use of the City Center parking lot at 111 Lincoln Street for the purposes of child custody and online purchase exchanges, the department wrote on its Facebook on June 6.

“Many have expressed that our lot is a neutral and safe location where they feel more secure while having interactions with others,” the department wrote. “While our entire City Hall lot is monitored by cameras, we’ve established a specific location within our lot for anyone to use who may want to feel a bit of extra security.”

This area reserved for child custody and internet purchase exchange is located at the northwest corner of the City Center building. It will be monitored by cameras under 24-hour surveillance, and is in a location that is highly visible by the police department.

For more information on the Safe Exchange Zone, call the department at 608-845-7623.

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