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Note: Arrest and incident information collected by various agencies are public records that can be viewed by the relevant local law enforcement and security agencies. Not every arrest leads to conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the judicial system.


➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ Gannon Frederick Carpenter-Thein, 18, Fleming Road – Sales of controlled substances listed in Appendix I or II.

▲ Thomas Zane Grace, 51, Pinewood Road, Leesburg – Simple attack.

▲ Devon Deontrey Howard, 25, Burkhalter MHP – Two criminal / family violence charges, battery / family violence, first crime.

▲ Aaron Colby Whitaker, 33, Pioneer Trail, Portal – Easy Attack.

▲ Anthony Jerome Roberts, 49, Burkhalter MHP – Two fees for the sale of cocaine, two fees for the use of the communication device in the commission of a crime with controlled substances, sale of controlled substances according to Appendix I or II.

➤ Statesboro Police Department

▲ Davien Onte Bell, 23, North Railroad Ave., Opelousas, La. – Robbery / sudden snap.

▲ Anaya Janee Hickman, 19, Rucker Lane – DUI under 21, failure to keep track.

▲ Grace Eun Hae Lee, 21, Wilkinson Road, Ludowici – Three charges compounded the attack.

▲ Denzel Malik Green, 24, Country Estate, Sylvania – Possession of methamphetamine, possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana, possession of firearms or knives while commissioning or attempting to commit a crime, obstruction of law enforcement / misdemeanor.

➤ Georgia State Patrol Post 45

▲ Madison Paige Anderson, 21, raindrop drive – DUI less safe alcohol.

▲ Talise Marie Highsmith, 30, East Sandy Way – DUI less safe alcohol.

▲ Ralphy Jean Lysias, 30, Nassau Drive – Open alcohol container in the vehicle, no insurance, DUI less safe alcohol.

▲ Gamaliel Mendez-Garcia, 23, Chances Trailer Park – The driver must exercise due care when following too closely and driving without a valid driver’s license / offense.

▲ Joseph William Meyberg, 26, Youth Monroe Road, Loganville – DUI less safe alcohol, open alcohol container in motor vehicle.

▲ Holden Wayne Rogers, 26, Huntington Circle, Vidalia – DUI less safe alcohol.

▲ Rikell Teshara Williams, 21, Lanier Drive – DUI less safe alcohol.


▲ AUTOBAHN 301 SOUTH – A 2011 Infinity G37 that was clocked at 98 mph by another deputy and then sparkled over the fast moving vehicle. The vehicle and driver were then clocked and run over at 103 mph in a 55 MPH zone. The driver said she couldn’t have driven that fast because the cruise control was on. She received a quote and said she could tell her story to a judge at a later court date.

▲ LANCELOT COURT – The applicant said seven weeks ago that she left her home to go to work and that she heard a loud noise from her vehicle. It also started shaking and when she pulled up in a parking lot it was turned off and never came back. She said her gas storage was loose and it seemed like someone had tampered with it. Someone may have poured a foreign substance into the tank.

▲ AUTOBAHN 24 – The complainant said that his neighbor had molested him for several weeks. He said that she caught his attention when she saw him at the apartment complex and told him that he and his girlfriend were both mentally retarded. He said he was trying to ignore her and told her to stop but she wasn’t going to stop. He was briefed on the proceedings of the Magistrate Court.

▲ BRAD LANE – The complainant said someone used her debit card information to support children and made multiple purchases totaling $ 4,862. She said she tried to file a fraud report with the card company but was unable to file the report. She was advised to give a copy of the police report to her credit card company.

▲ TROY STREET – The complainant said she had arranged with another woman to sell her cell phone for $ 200. The complainant said the woman told her to put the phone in her Brooklet address box and take the $ 200 for the phone. She did, but when she took the money to her bank she was told it was fake. The complainant was advised to conduct future financial transactions using secure methods such as Venmo or money orders.

Bulloch 911 reports

➤ Law enforcement agencies

▲ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office – 23 calls Tuesday; 19 calls Wednesday; 25 calls Thursday.

▲ Candler County Sheriff’s Office – Seven calls Tuesday; six calls Wednesday; a call thursday.

▲ Claxton Police Department – Two calls on Wednesday; three calls thursday.

▲ Evans County Sheriff’s Office – Four calls Tuesday; six calls Wednesday; five calls Thursday.

▲ Georgia State Patrol Post 45 – Five calls on Tuesday; five calls Wednesday; seven calls Thursday.

▲ Georgia Southern Police Department – A call Wednesday.

▲ Metter Police Department – Seven calls on Tuesday; two calls Wednesday; three calls thursday.

▲ Statesboro Police Department – 28 calls Tuesday; 29 calls Wednesday; 36 Thursday calls.

➤ Fire departments

▲ Bulloch County Fire Department – Three calls Wednesday.

▲ Claxton Fire Department – Two calls on Thursday.

▲ Evans County Fire Department – Called Wednesday.

▲ Metter Fire Department – A call on Thursday.

▲ Statesboro Fire Department – Three calls Tuesday; five calls Wednesday; two calls Thursday.

➤ Ambulance service

▲ Bulloch County EMS – 22 medical calls Tuesday; four accident calls, three first responder calls, and 28 medical calls on Wednesday; Three accident calls and 24 medical calls on Thursday.

▲ Candler County EMS – Six medical calls on Tuesday, one accident call, and one medical call on Wednesday; One first responder call and nine medical calls on Thursday.

▲ Evans County EMS – Seven Medical Calls Tuesday; one accident call and six medical calls on Wednesday; An accident call and three medical calls on Thursday.

➤ Other agencies

▲ 911 hang up – 47 calls on Tuesday; 44 calls Wednesday; 40 calls Thursday.

▲ Bulloch County Animal Control – A call on Tuesday; a call thursday.

▲ Bryan County 911 – A call on Thursday.

▲ Emanuel County 911 – Three calls on Thursday.

▲ Other – Eight calls on Tuesday; seven calls Wednesday.

– compiled by Jim Healy

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